A very warm welcome to Terra Nova School.

I do hope that you will find the contents of this website helpful. It contains a wealth of useful information about daily life at the School.


Terra Nova is a vibrant and exciting school in which to be a pupil. While the academic progress and achievement of each pupil are always at the centre of our concerns, we believe that school life should be enjoyed for itself as well as it being a preparation for adulthood.


We help our pupils to become independent and courageous thinkers who are prepared to explore, innovate and meet life’s opportunities with creativity. Lessons engage pupils, are fast-paced, challenging and are enriched with a wide variety of activities to extend your child’s interests and skills beyond the confines of standard curriculum and examination specifications.


The academic curriculum runs alongside a co-curricular programme that provides sporting, musical and adventurous opportunities and interests. As a result, our pupils are cheerful, balanced and at ease with themselves and each other. They welcome challenge with enthusiasm and interest.


All pupils in the School are encouraged to develop their talents and realise their potential in the way that best meets their needs and personalities. The wellbeing of every child is at the heart of the School’s philosophy, for while we want them to develop a genuine love of learning, we also want them to be resilient, optimistic, confident and kind people who know how to form and sustain good relationships and make a positive contribution to society.


Teachers know pupils very well and visitors often comment on the laughter, good humour and warmth that mark relationships between pupils and staff. We want our pupils to learn to inspire, influence and collaborate with others, to be self aware and to understand their impact on others.

The School has a strong reputation for academic success and our expectations of pupils are high. If your children are joining Terra Nova School they will be very well prepared for the next phase of their education.


While we enjoy good facilities in a stunning location, it is our community - our pupils, teachers and parents - that make this a special place to be. 


However, looking through the website is no substitute for visiting the school in person, I look forward to welcoming you.

Mr Philip Stewart