‘My last two years at Terra Nova School were the most fun for me. I had a great relationship with some of my teachers as they had taught me for a long time and I definitely think they got the best out of me. When I moved to The Grange at 13+ it wasn’t a big deal, I think this was partly because of the confidence I gained being at the top of TN.’

Joseph K, now Year 9 at The Grange

‘Millfield is a huge school and I would have found going to senior school completely overwhelming at 11. I think TN prepared me for senior school really well plus I loved being Head Girl. But my favourite thing about TN in Yr 7&8 were the friendships we made, we’ve met every holiday since we left and I know some of these friends will be friends for life.’

Olivia N, now Year 9 at Millfield School

‘I think the opportunities at TN prepared me well for Manchester Grammar, I think I really grew up in my last 2 years at TN and I know myself much better than I did at 11. We did loads of sport at TN which I don’t do so much of now I’m at senior school.’ 

Zeb F-S, former Head Boy now Year 9 at The Manchester Grammar School