Senior Preparatory Sports and activities

Sport & Activities are very much part of life at Terra Nova School. The school’s 35 acres provide a rich resource for children to discover, explore, adventure and take risks. Our extensive grounds include, our own forest school and woods, play areas, playgrounds, playing fields, astro turf and meadow and swimming pool.


Terra Nova has an excellent reputation for its sporting achievements and the school also takes great pride in offering a broad range of sporting opportunities for all pupils, whatever their aptitudes and abilities. Fixtures are played on a Wednesday afternoon followed by Terra Nova’s famous match teas at which Terra Nova’s parents and pupils entertain visiting schools’ parents and pupils are entertained.

Pupils in years 5-8 participate in 6 hours of Sport per week. 1 hour of this is PE, where pupils complete modules on fitness and movement literacy, enabling them to understand the importance of health, movement and exercise. Swimming, tennis, and athletics are also timetabled as part of PE.

All pupils are able to access our excellent facilities and benefit from a knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaching team that work tirelessly with pupils to ensure that they enjoy their sport and fulfil their potential.



The Team Player

In addition to the major sports per term, detailed below:










 Summer  Cricket  Rounders

Children also have plenty of opportunities to participate in: Athletics, Cross Country, Dance, Dance & Ballet, Fitness sessions, Riding, Running, Golf, Swimming & Tennis, Shooting.

The Captain
Team captains are appointed each week so the opportunity is shared between pupils. In Year 8 the children are appointed for the year as head of specific sports. This position of responsibility is awarded according to merit and is highly respected by the younger children.
In addition the the Curriculum, children at Terra Nova have every opportunity to participate in Choirs, School Performances, After School clubs, School Trips and the whole school Activity week. The children are fully engaged in their school lives and clearly benefit from the huge breadth of experiences they accrue during their time at the school. 

The Adventurer
No one forgets the excitement of school trips in their school days! Our pupils enjoy trips to the theatre, museums and art galleries as well as visits to sporting tournaments at other schools and sports clubs for example to Rosslyn Park.
The Traveller
The whole school participate in activity week in June. The week is planned so that the children and their teachers go off and adventure out of the classroom.

 Year 5&6 participate in abseiling, archery, building fires, orienteering and canoeing and mountain biking.

Year 7 pupils visit Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy. Pupils are fully immersed in French language and culture for a whole week and reap the linguistic and character building rewards in Year 8.

Year 8 visit the Ardeche for their “activity week” in celebration of the end of their exams and as their last hurrah whilst at Terra Nova school.

School Clubs
For the Senior Prep School children there are a number of clubs (some free and some paid for) that run during break times in the school day and  from 5pm – 6pm. There are delivered by the teachers. Just a few examples of these clubs are: Chamber Choir, DT Club, Chess Club, Fencing, Shooting, Golf, Cooking etc. Also available are subject scholarship preparation clubs.
Holiday Clubs
Holiday clubs take place on an ad hoc basis. The clubs are organised and run by the teachers and on occasion external companies and cover a broad range of activities and sports. Clubs vary in duration, some run for a week, others can run for up to two weeks. Examples of clubs are as follows: Archaeology Club, Tennis Club, Cricket Club, Scholarship Art Club, Rugby Easter camp etc.
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