Senior Preparatory Moving on

Terra Nova School feeds to both day and boarding schools. Pupils are prepared for 11+, 13+ and Common Entrance examinations.

The excellence of the Terra Nova education is such that children are so thoroughly prepared for their examinations, 99% of pupils attain a place at their first choice of senior school and many pupils achieve awards and scholarships.

The Headmaster and the Head of Academics at Terra Nova support parents in determining which senior school would be most suited to their child.


  • In the past 5 years, Terra Nova pupils have been awarded 60 scholarships.
  • As of March 2016, Terra Nova pupils have won places to Manchester Grammar and Cheadle Hulme School, awards to King’s School Macclesfield and Newcastle-under-Lyme School at 11+. 
  • As of March 2016, at 13+, a place has been won at Stockport Grammar, scholarships have been awarded to Terra Nova pupils by Shrewsbury School, Moreton Hall and Repton School.

Boarding schools our pupils have attained places at include;

Day schools our pupils have attained places at include;

The Manchester Grammar School

Stockport Grammar School

We firmly believe that the wide variety of schools that Terra Nova feeds to is a huge benefit. Each pupil is awarded a place based on the merit of their achievement. 

The Year 7&8 at Terra Nova provides a unique opportunity. The pupils enjoy a senior school type experience but within the nurturing environment of a prep school. Our senior pupils are young people that our younger children aspire to become.

Each year group varies in number of pupils and in ambitions for senior schools but using the past 3 years as an example, we have, on average, a 2 form entry for a year group of no more than 30. In the past 3 years, approx 10 of the 30 pupils have taken the 11+ exam and moved on to their next school for Year 7. 

In 2016, 8 new pupils will be joining Terra Nova for Year 7&8.

At 13+ the split between those that leave us for day schools v boarding schools is moving increasingly towards 50 / 50. Taking into account those that leave at 11+ added to those that leave at 13+ 2 years later. The percentages are detailed below:


In 2012: 53% left for boarding school / 47% for day school
In 2013: 63% left for boarding school /37% for day school
In 2014: 50% for boarding / 50% for day
In 2015: 50% for boarding / 50% for day
In 2016: 42% will leave for boarding schools / 58% will leave for day school

In terms of boarding schools, in the past 3 years, Terra Nova pupils have won places at and scholarships to: Denstone College, Fettes College, Harrow School, Malvern College, Moreton Hall, Radley School, Repton School, Rugby School, Sedbergh School, Shrewsbury School, Stowe School, Uppingham and Wycombe Abbey School.