Years 1-2

Developing Self Confidence
Self confidence and a well-balanced approach to life at Terra Nova continues to be promoted further as a child moves into Years 1 & 2. Children continue to learn through a rigorous and creative curriculum. They are supported carefully and their next steps are considered and actioned by committed and inspiring staff.

Broadening Horizons
Music and French continue to be a solid part of the curriculum, alongside an exciting Literacy drive and investigative Mathematical learning. Sport is highly admired at Terra Nova and the ethos behind it reminds strong. Good sportsmanship, good manners and a love of the game are all areas to nurture and celebrate.

Extending the Day
In Years 1 & 2, the children are able to enjoy our ‘Early Birds’ sessions, which is available from 8:00. The School day then begins at 8:30 and finishes at 15:30, after which Activities are available every night except Friday until 16:30. In addition, our After School Club, Tembos is available until 18:00.