Years 5&6 Production

Last night our Year 5&6 pupils took to the stage. After performing their dress rehearsal in front of a number of year groups, pupils were more than ready for their performance. There was a full house as our parents took to their seats, eagerly anticipating the stage curtain drawing back and the start of ‘Seekers of the Lost Truth’.

Our pupils have put in so much time and effort over the past few months in order to put on such a wonderful production. Not only have the children been learning their lines and rehearsing the play to perfection within their Drama lessons and dedicated rehearsal time but they have also designed, built and decorated their own set and props within their Art and Design and Technology lessons.

Our performers truly embraced their characters and delivered their lines perfectly, transporting the audience back to ancient Egyptian times. The cast had the audience in fits of laughter throughout the performance and the songs were performed beautifully. A huge well done to our Year 5&6 pupils and of course Mrs Bennion, Mr Westall and Mr Carey!

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