Year 3's Chocolate Research

This term Year 3’s topic is a delicious one……Chocolate! Last week both of our Year 3 classes came together for a very special lesson where pupils tried hot chocolate. However this was no ordinary hot chocolate, Year 3 tried the famous beverage with spices such as cinnamon and chilli to help the class to imagine the origin of chocolate. The children have explored the dense history of chocolate, discovering that the tasty treat dates back 4000 years! Pupils learnt that the first cacao plants were found in Mexico and that it was amongst the earliest civilizations of Latin America that turned the cacao plant into chocolate.

The children have learnt a staggering amount of facts, such as how cacao was brewed into a beverage by the Mayans, who praised chocolate as the drink of the gods and how the Aztecs used cocoa beans as currency.

In their lesson on Friday afternoon, Year 3 were independently researching more facts about chocolate, taking its history to modern day.

Hector R’s chocolatey fact is that each year enough Toblerones are sold to wrap around the entire planet!

Jonty G’s favourite fun fact about chocolate is the origin of M&M’s, which were created in 1941 during the second world war so soldiers could enjoy chocolate without it melting during transportation.

Year 3 have been working extremely hard throughout their topic and are enjoying it with equal measure.

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