Wacky Assembly Wednesday

We hope you all enjoyed assembly this afternoon, or as Chewbacca (aka Mr Stewart) has renamed it ‘Wacky Assembly Wednesday’. Inspired by Joe Wicks’ ‘Fancy Dress Friday’ Mr Stewart has decided that each week he will also be in fancy dress! We can’t wait to see next week’s costume!

This week Mr Stewart told us the importance of being considerate of others, talking to each other and how small gestures of kindness can mean a lot to others. Henrietta, Humphrey and Hugo had also made a new mascot for Terra Nova which Mr Stewart introduced to us all. We are hoping you will provide suggestions for a name for our new mascot.

We were also reminded that today is World Earth Day, A very important day in the calendar to remind us all about climate change and make us think about how we can make differences in our own lives. One activity that we are encouraging our Terra Nova families to do whilst in lockdown is to fill a bag up with clothes that they no longer wear, and store until lockdown is over, ready to donate to a local charity shop. Don’t forget to send us your photos of your filled clothes bags.

Another suggestion from Mr Stewart was to conserve electricity by spending time as a family in the dark!! It may be having a meal, or playing a board game- again send us your photos!

As always our assembly finished with those all-important house points- well done to all of you who have earned house points this week!

‘Wacky Assembly Wednesday’ is back next Wednesday at 2pm with an exciting competition- don’t forget to join us!

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