The penultimate assembly

As we are in the penultimate week of the Summer Term and indeed the academic year, we had high hopes and great expectations for this week's 'Wacky Assembly Wednesday' and as always we weren't disappointed! Mr Stewart this week chose to dress as a pantomine dame which no one could have ever predicted, especially all of this week's guests, many of which are not accustomed to such weird and wonderful assemblies. 

Mr Stewart spoke about how excited we all are to have everyone back on site next week when our Year 5 and Year 7 pupils return on Monday. This is week 11 of our virtual assemblies and we have seen some fantastic outfits from Jabba The Hut, to a cowboy riding a horse and even a flamingo. Next week for our last assembly Mr Stewart is asking which of the outfits you would like to see again. Please cast your vote with your Form Tutors and let's see what or who turns up to host next week's assembly!

Sebastian in Year 1 who has achieved first place in a cart race- well done Sebastian. Sebastian started in 6th place on the grid but showed great Terra Nova resilience to get to that first place.

Apple our school Shetland pony has been staying with the Darlington family since lockdown started and Mr Stewart was delighted to share with us the news that Apple has been competing in Miss Bailey's daily mile challenge. Beau in Year 1 has even set up a justgiving page to raise money for The Rainbow Trust. Good luck Beau and Apple! If you want to support Beau and Apple for this worthy cause, you can do so here:

Mr Haddon then joined our assembly and spoke about the importance of mindfulness. Mr Haddon has been working online with our Year 7 pupils recently and he told us how they have all been encouraged to create their 'Mindfulness toolbox'. One technique is to take 20 seconds time just to count our breaths and keep our minds focussed purely on this task. Thank you to Mr Haddon for sharing this technique with us all. We hope you will all use this to take time out and take a step back from everyday life to recharge our minds. Mr Haddon certainly is a man of many talents as he then picked up his guitar and treated us to a song from 'School of Rock'. Many thanks to Mr Haddon for contributing so much to our assembly today.

Miss Vincent had shared some good news with Mr Stewart from our shooting teams at Terra Nova. Our teams have retained the shields we have previously won and some have even set record scores! We have also won the Geoffrey Place award, which is an award we haven't had before! Well done to all our shooters- what a great achievement!

Next up was Mrs Capewell who as always introduced an exciting guest from the world of literature. Over the past few weeks we have been treated to lots of exciting authors, but today was a bit different as we welcomed Selom Sunu, an illustrator. Selom spoke about how his love of drawing led him to where he is today and also how his Ghanian heritage and his time spent in school in Ghana were factors too. Selom told us he has always had a love of drawing and had a strong desire to create something of his own which has always driven his success. He told us he loves to draw people, specifically faces as there are so many differentiating factors that make each face individual.

We also welcomed Marssaie from the publishing house 'Knights Of'. Marssaie spoke about how the publishing house was set up from a vision that we should have a greater variety of stories and books to create a truer picture of what the world actually looks like. Diversity and equality is very important and the name 'Knights Of' was born out of the similarities of King Arthur's round table where all voices were equal. Marssaie spoke about the need for books to reflect the great variety of heritages of children within our country. Marssaie told us that in 2018 less than 1 percent of books published in the UK featured a character from an ethnic minority, which is a statistic that Knights Of hope to change to provide us all with a greater breadth of understanding of the world around us. Thank you Marssaie and Selom for joining our assembly today, we really enjoyed hearing from both of you and look forward to seeing what you both share with the world in the future.

Our next guest was a former Terra Nova student, Lauren Reid who left in 2012 and is currently studying Human Biology at Loughborough. Lauren told us about her time at Terra Nova, and that she thoroughly enjoyed boarding as it felt like a 'big sleep over with friends'. Lauren currently plays Lacrosse for the Scotland Senior Team. Lauren hadn't played Lacrosse until she was at senior school but told us that motivation and confidence were the two factors that helped her achieve her success. Lauren is itching to get back to training and competing, especially as the World Cup is taking place next year! Lauren spoke about whilst she does not know what career route she will want to go down in the future she has opted to study Human Biology as that is a subject she loves and feels passionate about- something which she feels is an important factor for future study. Thank you Lauren for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us today, we hope you can visit us in person soon, all at Terra Nova will be cheering you on in the World Cup! 

As always the end of the assembly was all about house points. Congratulations to all of you who have been awarded certificates, especially Beau, Libby, Henry, Magenta, Sienna, Laurence, Georgianna, Bella and Imogen who have all reached gold!

Don't forget to tune in next week for the last assembly of the year, and don't forget to vote for which wacky outfit you would like Mr Stewart to wear!

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