The Big Climate Fightback

On Thursday afternoon our Nursery children joined Mr Williams at the Meadow Farm. Following the suit of other year groups it was the turn of our Nursery children to help plant saplings!

Woodland Trust have donated saplings of all varieties, ranging from Grey Willow, Field Maple, Oak, Dogwood and so many more. The children learnt the T-notch planting method and are well on their way to being professional green fingers!

The sapling donation is a part of the Woodland Trust’s ‘The Big Climate Fightback’, by planting each tree in the ground we are helping to fight climate change with trees being our natural allies.

“They keep us cool, lock up carbon, fight flooding and support wildlife. Trees are essential. But we need more of them.”

If you wish to get involved at home you can head to the Woodland Trust website to find out more:

@WoodlandTrust #BigClimateFightback

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