Terra Nova community come to together, virtually, in celebration of Harvest Festival

The Terra Nova community came together this morning in celebration of Harvest Festival. This first live streamed event enabled parents to join us for this celebratory assembly which was conducted whilst maintaining social distancing amongst pupils and staff. Our pupils and choirs performed admirably whilst reading and singing in our eerily empty Performing Arts Centre to a virtual audience!

A selection of readings, prayers and thought provoking words were read by our Deputy Head Girl - Hannah Dabbs, Head Boy - Thomas B-B & Deputy Head Boy - Caspian C-L. Head Girl - Lily Carroll read a delightful extract from Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. Interspersed amongst the readings were some beautifully sung songs by pupils in a Year 1&2 choir. Pupils in Year 4 - Isabelle A, Thomas B, Rosalie N & Darcey M were incredibly mature in the delivery of their readings.

Next, we were delighted to be introduced to Mr Philip Latham, a former pupil at TN, who joined us live from his fields where the gathering of the maize harvest was just about to commence. Mr Latham and Mr Stewart discussed the importance of food, farming, the human reliance of food and why it is so important to buy British and in doing so to support good quality, safely produced, lower carbon footprint emitting, locally produced food. Mr Latham shared about his job how he is wholly reliant on the weather to sow, grow and harvest his crops. We are very grateful to Mr Latham for taking the time out of his busy day to talk to us about the world of farming. As an aside, we all really enjoyed hearing about Mr Latham’s favourite teacher at TN - Mr Williams who was his Science teacher, Mr Latham credited Mr Williams in having an enormous influence on his life and inspiring him to study biology and zoology beyond Terra Nova, first at his senior school - Shrewsbury and then at university.

The celebration of the Harvest Festival aspect of this morning’s assembly closed with Mr Stewart urging us all to spend time thinking about those people and farmers across the world who struggle with their food production and harvesting due to droughts, wildfires and floods.

On an entirely different subject, Mr Westall and Maya B, the outgoing Head of Choir stepped in front of the camera to introduce and congratulate this year’s newly appointed choir captains. Congratulations to the following Year 8

pupils on their appointment:

Head of Senior Choir: Hannah D & Anna B

Head of Junior Choir: Nuquari A

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