Terra Nova Alumni - Sedbergh School

Recently our Headmaster Mr Campbell visited Sedbergh School in Cumbria. During his visit, Mr Campbell was delighted to meet a number of our former pupils and was so impressed by these young men & women that he wanted to learn more about their achievements during their time at Sedbergh.

Will W left us at the end of Year 8 and went on to join Sedbergh in Year 9. Displaying an impressive breadth of interests, Will studies Mathematics, Chemistry and English for his A-Levels. Additionally he is a talented individual excelling in many areas.

Additionally Will is a Music Scholar at Sedbergh and performs regularly as a soloist and with the School Chapel Choir. We are told his performance of “Stars” at Sedbergh’s recent “Night at the Musicals” concert was a highlight of the evening and Will will be heavily involved in the Jazz and Swing concert in the Lent Term.

Possibly the most impressive news is Will’s recent Rugby related accolade. He has been selected to attend a England U18 training camp, despite still being an U17. Proving how hard work pays off, Will has been a brilliant and dedicated player since his days at Terra Nova. At Sedbergh Will plays scrum half for the 1st XV and is also a member of the Sale Sharks Academy.

Like Will, Joseph N also joined Sedbergh in Year 9 after graduating from Terra Nova.

When members of staff from Sedbergh described Joe they said “from the outset he has stood out as a first rate academic.” This being proven by his outstanding GCSE results, receiving straight Grade 9s in all of his subjects. This news brought much joy, though no surprise, to Joe’s old teachers at Terra Nova.

Currently Joe studies Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics at A Level, alongside an Extended Project Qualification. Joseph regularly contributes to academic societies and next year will be applying to a top UK university to study either Physics or Engineering.

However, Joe is not just an academic and runs for Sedbergh’s 1st team and is hoping to do well in Sedbergh’s famous Wilson Run in the Lent Term. He also plays the piano to a high standard.

Oliver H also joined Sedbergh in Year 9 from Terra Nova and is now in his final year at the School. Ollie was awarded the highly prestigious role of being Sedbergh’s Head of School for this academic year in recognition of his achievements throughout his time at Sedbergh as well as his admirable personal qualities. He is a true Sedberghian and commits wholeheartedly to all his endeavours at his senior school, consequently, he is well respected by his peers and a popular Head of School.

However, Ollie is also a talented sportsman, currently he captains Sedbergh’s Golf Team as well as taking on the role of Vice-Captain of Hockey. An impressive array of responsibilities and achievements from Ollie!

Ollie studies Psychology, Business Studies and Physical Education at A-Level. He is currently applying for a golf scholarship to several colleges in the United States of America where he hopes to continue his studies and his sport side-by-side.

Lastly, though certainly not least, we would like to mention Ella T, who also joined Sedbergh at Year 9 following the end of her time at Terra Nova. At Sedbergh Ella has continued with her love of sport and plays 1st/2nd VII netball, she is also a member of Sedbergh’s Athletics team. We were absolutely thrilled to hear that recently, Ella won the Nations Cup for the North of England at National Schools riding! A brilliant achievement, we are extremely proud to see Ella thriving, though her success does not end there. Academically Ella performed strongly for her GCSE’s, gaining an incredible set of results for which she was recently invited to the Headmaster’s commendation lunch for being in the top 5 pupils for effort grades in her year.

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