Sports Awards

During this morning’s assembly Mr Gerrard presented the Sports Awards for last term's fixtures, celebrating our pupils and all of their incredible achievements!

First of all the Player’s Player Award was presented to the following pupils: Teddy L, Isaak, Emma K, Camilla, Emily J, Oscar L, Elexa, Sophie and Jonty.

Following this our Coach’s announced a player from each of their teams for the Terra Nova Sports Award, for which pupils are awarded for displaying an outstanding continuation of our school virtues. Receiving this award was: Archie M, Emily G, Arabella W, Valentina, Mia F, Ned, Darcey C, Sebastian P, Mia W, Isabella, Humphry and Oliver T.

Well done to every pupil who participated in fixtures last term, we have enjoyed watching you all develop your skills, grow as a team and display support and determination alongside our core school virtues.

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