Science Day at Shrewsbury School

On Thursday, a team of our Year 7 pupils headed to Shrewsbury School with Miss Dunlop to attend a Darwin Science Quiz! The quiz took place in the morning, with a total of 8 rounds covering Space, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and other fun rounds. The afternoon was then spent participating in a number of practicals. First pupils were tasked with reconstructing a rabbit skeleton followed by observing woodlice and worms as a part of their Biology practical. The Physics practical required participants to create a tower from straws and blue tac, competing with other schools to make the tallest standing tower! Finally the Chemistry practical allowed pupils to use acids and alkalis and an indicator to make a rainbow. Team Terra Nova were victorious in both the Biology and Physics practicals, well done Arthur, Camilla, Helena and Maigan! A huge thank you to Shrewsbury School for providing such a wonderful science filled day for our pupils!

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