Pupil leadership positions & scholarship achievement inspire younger pupils.

This morning’s virtual Friday assembly showcased the many successful endeavours, in a broad variety of aspects of school life, by our older Terra Nova pupils, thereby providing inspiration and aspiration to emulate for our younger children.

The assembly opened with a lovely rendition of ‘Make me a channel of your Peace’ sung by Year 8 members of the Chamber Choir. A very well done to Lily C, Thomas H, Hannah D, Maya B, Nuquari A & Thomas BB.

Next on the assembly’s agenda was the presentation of the Year 7 scholar badges. These are awarded to pupils in Year 7&8 who merit recognition for their abilities in one or more disciplines. The scholarship assessment takes place in Year 6. Mr Stewart, Headmaster of TN, reminded pupils of the qualities they need to demonstrate in order to be a TN scholar. Congratulations to the following Year 7 pupils:

Lottie B - Academic scholar

Teresa C - Academic scholar

Freddie M - Sports scholar

Raf S - Sports scholar

Hudson H - Sports scholar

Cole S - Sports scholar

Oscar R - Sports scholar

Bella C - Performing Arts & Sports scholar

Annabelle D - Creative Arts scholar

Priya P - Creative Arts scholar

Anastasia S - Creative Arts scholar

Arabella W - Head’s award for Sport

Mr Gerrard, newly appointed, Director of Sport at TN then spoke about what was expected and required for the roles of Sports Captains. Mr Gerrard introduced the anocronym TNS: Tenacity, Nobility & Spirit which are the characteristics the sports teachers wishes to see demonstrated by the team players representing TN in matches and fixtures. The Sports Captains specifically embody these character traits and therefore the following pupils deserve a huge congratulations for being appointed:

Jack L - Captain of Football

Jojo J - Vice Captain of Football

Raphie KB - Captain of Hockey

Lily Carroll - Vice Captain of Hockey

The Sports Captains read out the match reports and the players of the match awarded in this week’s competitive fixtures (the first matches played since pre lockdown).

Last but by no means least, Charlie C had the bravery to stand up and read an amazing piece of descriptive writing that he wrote for his English prep!

Supporting this assembly’s highlighting of pupils trying their hardest, supporting one another and having the right attitude to school life was a video from motivational speaker Andy Walker, MBE who was an inspiring guest speaker at a Speech Day in 2018. Andy, who is quadriplegic and therefore faces immense physical challenges, cycled across Kenya last year using his chin, cycling for 8-10 gruelling hours a day to raise money for Regain Sports Charity: His delight in achieving what to many seemed to be the impossible was palpable. He urged our pupils to make the most of their academic opportunities, make sure they are resilient, to look after one another, but the essence of his video was to convey to our pupils that they must believe in themselves, that each individual determines their own attitude and that ‘you can do it’!

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