Pen Pals from Hanover

Guten Tag!

I am very pleased to be introducing German and Spanish to our Year 5 Terra Nova pupils for the first time this year! In our first German lesson pupils learnt that English is actually a Germanic language which was later influenced by Latin and French.

They were able to identify many German words such as Rucksack and Kindergarten and point out German speaking countries on the map.

We heard celebrities such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Sandra Bullock speaking German and I played one of the well known hits the Beatles sang in the language for their fans.

They discovered that German is the most widely spoken language in Europe and is one of the most important global languages for business and science.

Learning German will open the door to learning other Eastern European and Scandinavian languages and will allow them access to a rich culture and history.

At the end of the lesson the children were very excited to receive letters from their new German pen pals at the Albert Einstein Schule in Hanover and we will be writing our responses before the Christmas holidays.

Auf wiedersehen!

Frau Egli

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