Off with the hair!

We have been waiting all of half-term for the return of 'Wacky Assembly Wednesday' and this week certainly did not disappoint. We have all been wondering what costume Mr Stewart would be wearing- I don't think any of us guessed he would be hosting the assembly as a lobster!

Assembly started with Mr Stewart sharing a poem that many of our children have collaboratively worked on with Mrs Anderson. Well done to all of you who were involved in 'The Rainbow Children'. It was great to see so many familiar faces. Mr Stewart told us how our Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children have returned to school and how we hope to have many of you back in school very, very soon.

Next up Mrs Capewell joined in (although not in fancy dress we may add) and she introduced mother and daughter author duo Perdita and Honor Cargill who very kindly answered some questions about writing that our Terra Nova pupils had sent in. Many of the questions were centred around how Perdita and Honor write together- how they work collaboratively and even if they argue or disagree whilst writing! They also focussed on where their inspiration for writing comes from.

Then came something we have all been waiting for- the part where Mr Stewart replaced his claws with gloves ready to style Mr Pearson's hair into the winning style! Shirley and Jane from Get Kids Going, the charity which Mr Pearson has been fundraising for, then joined the assembly to tell us all about where money that the charity raises goes to. Jane told us Get Kids Going makes bespoke wheelchairs for disabled children to allow them to participate in lots of sports.  

The winning hairstyle was then unveiled- it was of course Izaak's very bright and very fun lizard design! Well done Izaak! We all watched intently as Mr Stewart the lobster, along with much needed help from Mrs Stewart and Mrs Westall took the clippers to Mr Pearson's hair! There certainly seemed a lot of hair to be falling as Mr Stewart hacked at Mr Pearson's hair! Next up came the colours- we watched as Mr Stewart used an array of bright colours to create the lizard- complete with a very bright mohawk! Mr Pearson seemed delighted with the final outcome and cannot wait to show off his unique style. Thank you to Mr Pearson for being such a great sport and especially for such a fantastic cause. If you haven't donated to Mr Pearson's fundraiser- you still can do so here:

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