Modern Foreign Languages - By Madame Lea

On Thursday I had the opportunity to speak with Mr Campbell about why I love Terra Nova so much. There were so many reasons, especially the children, but with languages in mind, I was delighted to be able to talk about our incredible team. We are just so blessed to have such specialists who each bring their individual spark of joy, knowledge and professionalism to their classrooms.

Many of you will know myself and Mrs Robertson (formally Mrs Evans), who have been at Terra Nova for many years. Mrs Robertson has been such an incredible support and inspiration to me and is always looking for ways to update, improve and progress our language provision for the children. She brings so much energy and fun to the classroom.

Last year we were lucky to recruit zhōng lǎo shī who has been teaching Mandarin and, this year, has offered Mandarin as part of the Year 6 language carousel. It has been wonderful to hear children calling greetings in Mandarin across the playground to zhōng lǎo shī. Frau Egli joined us this month and is proving an invaluable part of the team. Her organisation, her brilliant brain and her excellent classroom practice are most evident. The children are in safe hands, are enjoying their languages and thriving.

It is important to celebrate our whole school staff too. We are an incredible extended team. This week and next, teachers around the school are embracing the European Day of Languages by greeting their classes in different languages and encouraging our international students to teach their form some basic words from their mother tongues. In MFL we are showing videos of celebrities speaking languages and a teenage polyglot who has mastered over 20 languages!

We are currently awaiting a package of introductory letters from Year 6 pupils at our German partner school in Hanover! The start of an exciting relationship between our Year 6 pupils and those at Albert-Einstein-Schule.

Pupils are asking when we can go abroad again. I am optimistic that the answer will be “very soon”.

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