Religious Studies teaching at Terra Nova

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Welcome to the Religious Studies department at Terra Nova School! We are proud that our teaching and curriculum promote our school values of kindness and open mindedness, through thoughtful reflection, discussion and critical thinking. We are keen to show our students the rich and colourful diversity in our culture and throughout the world.

So, how do we do this…..? We create a safe teaching environment, in which all children are given the space and opportunity to share their opinions and to listen to each other, we strive to allow children to develop empathy with us and thus fostering tolerance and acceptance of the beliefs that may differ from their own.

Currently in Year 5 we are exploring ‘Inspirational Leaders’, reinforcing the values of tolerance and respect, using the examples of leaders such as , Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jnr.

Year 6 are exploring the notion of ‘Prejudice & Discrimination: lessons from the past’ through the topic of the Holocaust. We feel that the messages such as ‘Standing by and doing nothing is not enough’. Learning about Rudi Oppenheimer- Holocaust survivor, are crucial for this generation in order for them to understand the importance of promoting peace and mutual respect. At the moment we are building up our knowledge and understanding of the rich culture of the Jewish tradition, children have enjoyed the subject coming to life through looking at artefacts.

In Year’s 7&8 our approach moves on to address the moral and ethical side of Religious Studies; allowing children to explore and develop their views on topics such as;  war & peace, suffering & evil, life after death.

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