It's that time of the week again...

We have been anticipating who would turn up for Wacky Assembly Wednesday this week and we certainly were not disappointed when none other than Luke Skywalker turned up, or at least Mr Stewart in disguise!

Mr Stewart started the assembly with a chat about how we can help to make some of our harder days a little bit easier by thinking ahead.  We can remember our good days and what happened that made the days positive and try to repeat these things on more days.

Mrs Capewell then returned to read us all another great poem.  This week's poem was also about thinking positively and was called 'Message From Your Brain'.  The poem reminded us about the importance of growth mindset and how important it is to be open-minded and feed our brains.  Thank you again Mrs Capewell for reading for us all once again.

Next up was Mrs Westall with some more brain exercising- this time with some ambiguous puzzles.  She shared some pictures with us and asked us what we saw- but it wasn't straightforward as some of us see different things.  The best part was that there is no right or wrong answer- Mrs Westall was sharing these images simply to remind us that we can see things very differently from each other.

The Carpenter family then treated us to an excellent performance of 'Honk Honk, Beep Beep' complete with actions and fancy dress costumes.  We loved it- we hope you were all singing along at home!  Thank you to Hugo, Humphrey and Henrietta for being such great sports!  If you have a talent you want to showcase or a performance you think the school may like to see don't forget to contact Mr Stewart.

We thought it about time that we challenged you all to a house competition- more specifically a scavenger hunt! Challenged by Miss Deighton, our House Captains all had 3 minutes in which to run around their homes and find a selection of items- including butter, plants, TN blazers and even parents!  Well done to Gawsworth who were the winners and have been awarded 20 house points!  

As always the assembly wrapped up with the distribution of Bronze and Silver House Point certificates.  Well done to all those who were awarded a certificate this week.

Take care and don't forget to tune in next Wednesday at 2pm.

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