Inspiration through aspiration

Today’s assembly focused on how aspiration can be inspiring within the context of our school community. Aspiration to be the best that you can be whether in studying, sporting prowess, musical ability or creativity is something regularly exemplified by our pupils and in the case of our older pupils; achieving scholarships, winning competitions or striving to play an instrument to the highest of standards, these are all most definitely inspiring, particularly for our younger pupils to understand how high they can aim.

The assembly opened in the PAC with Mr Westall, Director of Performing Arts introducing the performers of the day. Lawrence L in Year 3 was first up, playing a beautiful rendition of The Hunter’s Chorus on his cello. Lawrence was then joined on stage by Terra Nova’s string orchestra who played Gaelic Gold with aplomb!

Mrs Westall, Deputy Head at TN hosted today’s assembly. Mrs Westall congratulated Faysal A in Year 7 who has been awarded an academic scholarship to Terra Nova. She then congratulated Archie L & Xavier F both of whom recently joined TN for Year 8, from Hong Kong, who have both been awarded a Terra Nova sports scholarship.

Continuing this theme of success through aspiring to be the best you can be, Thomas BB, TN’s Head Boy has just been awarded 1st prize in a national painting and drawing competition. Thomas’ collage can be seen by clicking on this link

Mrs Westall then moved the assembly to a subject outside of school in sharing the recent event of two female scientists who have been awarded jointly, the 2020 Nobel prize in Chemistry for their discovery of the ‘genetic scissors’. Once again, an example of aspiration in pushing for new boundaries resulting in inspiration. The names of these women are: Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna. Prof Charpentier has recently commented: "I wish that this will provide a positive message specifically for young girls who would like to follow the path of science... and to show them that women in science can also have an impact with the research they are performing."

Miss Cragg was next to speak in assembly. She explained how Terra Nova’s pupils’ response to her recent appeal for donations to help the refugees from the Moria refugee camp which recently suffered a huge fire leaving 13,000 without shelter, had really delighted her. Miss Cragg, along with baby Harriet, took two car loads to a refugee aid centre where the donations will be sorted and organised and should reach the refugees in two weeks time. Miss Cragg specifically thanked Eva G in Year 5 who has made and sold bracelets to raise further funds to buy things like nappies, shower gel, toothpaste and other items that are desperately needed. Miss Cragg finished by urging pupils to continue to be inspired to carry on with acts of kindness.

The assembly moved into its final stages with Mr Gerrard, Terra Nova’s Director of Sport telling everyone about the fixtures that our U11 teams were so excited to play in that took place on Tuesday of this week. The final week of inter school football league matches take place next week and the wonderful annual house cross country competition will take place on the last day of this half of term!

Miss Deighton was the last teacher to speak in this week’s assembly sharing news of house competitions! There will be a house carved pumpkin competition next week with every participant winning house points for their school. Additionally, the word search inter house competition was won by Capesthorne House!

It’s been another busy week at TN, unbelievably, the penultimate week before half term! Have a great weekend everyone!

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