House and Sport Captains 2021-2022

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Last week's assembly began with some very lovely and inspirational words from our Headmaster, Mr Campbell. Reminding our pupils about our school virtues, he told pupils, parents and teachers about the inspiring story of Derek Redmond. The Olympic athlete who was favourite to win the 400 metre race in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. Part way through the semi final, Redmond tore his hamstring, falling to the ground in agony, however Redmond, determined to finish the race he had trained for, got back up and pushed himself to limp the rest of the 400 metres. He displayed incredible resilience, confidence and discipline. His father, who tore through security to help his son get to the finish line, displayed kindness. The crowd of 65,000 people who gave Redmond a standing ovation, showed open mindedness and understanding that winning is not always the most important thing. A fantastic message for our TN pupils to hear and they engaged and showed recognition and understanding of these values through Redmond’s story.

After handing out certificates to pupils for their LAMDA and music examinations it was finally time to announce our Hockey and Sports Captains for the academic year. Lottie B will be our Hockey Captain, supported by Bella C as Vice Captain. Hudson H will be our Football Captain, supported by Faysal A as Vice Captain. Well done to these pupils, we know you will support your teams with brilliant leadership.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting it as I don’t think I am very sporty. But I am very excited for the challenge and excited to hopefully inspire other pupils who perhaps don’t see themselves as being very sporty.”

-Lottie B, Hockey Captain

Following on from the Sports Captains announcement, the air was full of anticipation as we came to the announcement of our House Captains for the academic year. Picking 2 pupils from each house out of Years 8 and 4 was not an easy task, all the pupils in the running gave brilliant speeches to their entire houses during the house meetings after last week's assembly. The pupils then voted for who they wanted to represent their house this year. Miss Deighton says “I look forward to all the fantastic ideas and enthusiasm that the new House Captains will bring to the role. Hopefully they can inspire their House to victory!” Our House Captains are as follows:


Faysal A (Year 8)

Hugo C (Year 4)


Arabella W (Year 8)

Alexander O (Year 4)


Oscar R (Year 8)

Jack N (Year 4)


Emeka I (Year 8)

Sophia D (Year 4)

We spoke to a few of our new House Captains to ask them why they wanted this incredible role.

“I like talking and giving out ideas. I want to help people to earn more house points, to encourage them to work hard and help Dunham win!”

-Jack N

“I wanted to inspire creativity and help the younger pupils learn and understand our school values and to make sure they are on their best behaviour around school!”

-Alex O

We are looking forward to the enthusiasm and determination our pupils always show throughout the year, especially in regards to striving for success as a house. Our pupils have always shown such pride to be a member of their school houses and we know this year will be no different.

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