Explorers Founders Day

Explorers is based on the character education keystones of intellectual, moral, civic and performance virtues. The programme will be fully launched this upcoming September but first we thought it would be a very special opportunity to hold a Explorers Founders Day. On Tuesday our student body participated in the inaugural Founders Day for Terra Nova Explorers.

Our current school cohort were challenged by a range of activities that were related to our school virtues; Kindness, Open-mindedness, Resilience, Confidence and Discipline.

Our Junior pupils made magic wands that held electrical circuits within, which allowed them to light up, showing that Science is just as exciting as it is magical! They also participated in something very special, as Mrs Gregory created a multitude of jigsaw-like sections, which when combined would create a giant art piece of our Terra Nova Phoenix. Pupils worked in pairs across the Junior section of the school to work on one of the ‘jigsaw’ sections, using reds, oranges, yellows, greens in paints and paper to create a unique section within the Phoenix. When working on this project pupils reflected on the metaphor of this project, each unique piece is needed to create the overall Phoenix. Without any one section, the overall result would not work, which is how a community like ours at Terra Nova works. Without our pupils, teachers and parents we wouldn’t have the incredible community which we are so fortunate to be a part of. Though as individuals we may feel small at times, we are infinitely important, special and our uniqueness is to be celebrated!

The children also put their all into mini circuit training sessions with our Sports team, with the warmth of the day and the movements required of them our pupils' resilience and discipline was definitely on display throughout this challenge.

Each Junior group also had their very own fashion show, though this was a fashion show with a difference as each pupil was tasked with creating their very own outfit. Our mini designers had to create their garments using items that otherwise would have been thrown in bins. Pupils got very creative using cardboard, plastic and other household items to make some trendy and unique items. Once they finished their creations they held their own fashion show and took to the runway to highlight the unsustainable use of plastics in modern culture.

Our Seniors pupils were challenged physically by a Tryathlon, utilising their own bikes, our school pool and our pitches. They did exceptionally well, especially in the heat that Tuesday provided. This challenge really tested the resilience and discipline of our senior pupils to new lengths, but as always they exceeded our, and their own, expectations.

One of the challenges our Senior pupils faced during this week’s Explorers Day was one that requires creative thinking and teamwork as they set out on an engineering task! Pupils were asked to create a vehicle of any description, this could be from the past, present or future, with the only requirement being that the vehicle must be able to travel 10 feet with their entire team on board. The children were provided with only a few starting objects to work with, meaning this was a tough challenge from the very start, but as always our pupils got stuck right in and were determined from the offset. The groups came up with some interesting ideas and concepts resulting in a wide range of different vehicles and had a fun time with their peers in doing so!

Miss Dunlop and Mr Pearson further tested our pupils engineering skills by challenging them to build a floating raft for a rubber duck using only materials they could find in the forest. Mr Pearson then put on his wellies and got into the stream to place the rafts and test out if the pupil’s craft was able to keep their rubber duck safe! The pupils were also challenged to build the tallest tower with a using only newspaper and cellotape, their tower must be able to hold the weight of their rubber duck without falling!

Another activity our Senior Explorers participated in was led by our Arts Department as the children collaboratively created an absolutely beautiful woodland installation. Using complete natural materials our pupils created a mandala-like art piece on the ground of our school woodlands. This challenge required pupils to reflect on the colours, textures and shapes of the natural objects they used, even one leaf holds an array of these elements and the children worked closely together resulting in a show-stopping piece of outdoor art.

Our Explorers programme will be launching in September, we are so excited to bring this new adventure to our pupils and to see them conquer and grow in each challenge presented to them!

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