An overview of how Modern Foreign languages & Classics are embraced at Terra Nova School

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Under the Terra Nova language umbrella we currently have French, German, Spanish, Latin, which is taught alongside Classical Civilisation in Year 5. French is taught throughout the school and pupils are prepared for the French Common Entrance exam at the end of Year 8. Spanish and German are taught in a carousel of ½ a year each in Year 6.  Pupils can then choose which to take as a second MFL into Year 7&8. For those who don't wish to take a second MFL then an extra French lesson is provided.

A German exchange was born this year between Terra Nova School and the Albert-Einstein-Schule in Hannover. Building on a successful first Year 7 visit to Hannover last term, some of our current Year 6s have bee recording a short message in German for their new friends. On display in the classrooom are copies of their lovely colourful letters to their German penpals.

Currently, 2 of our pupils are enjoying a half term in Barcelona.  We hosted some fabulous Spanish pupils in Year 7&8 in the autumn term.  They fully immersed themselves in TN life and now our 2 students are having the time of their lives in Barcelona!

Latin is taught in Year 5 in Classics, where we study Ancient Roman and Greek Civilisation. The children visited the historic Roman city of Wroxeter, near Shrewsbury, supporting their topic of Roman daily life, and they have enjoyed getting to grips with some of the basics of the Latin language too. The photo shows some of our Year 5 students proudly displaying their hand-made Roman bulla, an important amulet which was worn by all Roman children throughout their childhood so that the gods might grant them health and good fortune.

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