Assembly Round Up

Today’s Achievement Assembly was jam packed with many of the wonderful things that have been happening at TN recently. The assembly began with a beautiful performance by our String Quartet, they played three songs in front of the entire school, two fantastic jazz pieces followed by the Hungarian Dance, which had everybody on the edge of their seats.

Following this, Mr Campbell put a quote on the screen “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it”, he asked everyone to think about this in regards to Black History Month. He then informed everybody of the Caribbean passengers of the Empire Windrush who were invited to come to England as citizens, to get fantastic jobs, start new lives and help to rebuild England after the Second World War. However, this was not the reality that the Windrush generation found when they arrived in England, they were forced to live underground in abandoned stations that were used as bomb shelters, they were not allowed to leave until they found jobs. They were kept in poor conditions and treated unfairly, the accommodation was described as "primitive and unwelcoming, like a sparsely furnished rabbit's warren". Pupils then reflected on how the story of Windrush related to the quote they heard prior, and the current situation refugees are facing.

Mrs Boyland then led part of the assembly to tell the school what our Year 8 pupils have been learning about in relation to Black History Month in their DT lessons. Our Year 8 Pupils have researched the ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag. In the 1980s any residents of Nigeria found without official papers were forced to leave the country or face arrest, many of these people were Ghanians. They were given large sturdy bags to carry their things, these bags became an infamous symbol of exclusion and intolerance. Pupils then learnt about Chioma Obiegbu, a designer and artist who was inspired by the bags. Together with Nigerian photographer Obinna Obioma and fashion stylist Wuraola Oladapo, they create pieces which Obioma describes as a fusion of both western and African designs. This being a creative way to display an iconic West African plastic bag to reflect on migration. In small groups Year 8 then created their own clothing pieces using an ikea bag, Mrs Boyland talked of how proud she was of their results and some of the small detailings they used.

Mr Campbell then told pupils how well our Year 3 pupils did on their sponsored run for Choose Love, with a total of 236 laps of the field collectively! Many of our Year 6 pupils then took to the stage in their pyjamas to tell us all about their fundraising plans that will take place next week. On the last day of term (Friday 15th) pupils and staff are encouraged to come into school in their pyjamas, onesies or comfy clothes with a donation to raise money! Mr Campbell then told us how two of our pupils, who had a stand at the farmers market the week before, managed to sell all of their eggs and honey! They made a total of £552 which they will be donating to Children In Need and Shelter!

This week has been extra special for fixtures as on Wednesday we hosted a Hockey and Football Tournament for Under 11s and welcomed teams from many other schools. Lots of our pupils also travelled to compete in fixtures at other schools, as well as cross country at Sedbergh School. Our cross country teams were very successful, with our girls team coming 3rd out of 17 and our boys team coming 4th out of 20.

A fantastic afternoon of Hockey saw the U11A team come out as plate winners, while the U11B's performed superbly to also make the plate competition. Only to get knocked out by the A team! Sedbergh were the overall Cup winners, coming out on top via penalty flicks in a close final. All of the girls involved were a credit to the school and demonstrated the great progress they have made with their Hockey so far this term.

- Mrs Deighton

Players of the match are as follows:


  • Beatrice B

  • Emma K

  • Chloe K

  • Bella C

  • Eva G

  • Gigi W

  • Eliza S


  • Oscar L

  • Seb MF

  • Greg S

  • Jack S

  • Finton W

  • Hugo H

  • Sammy H

  • Harry R

  • Thomas N

  • Felix H

Cross Country Special Mentions:

  • Arabella W

  • Sammy H

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