Another ‘Wacky Assembly Wednesday’ this week

Mr Stewart turned up today on horseback, which was fitting given that a lot of today's assembly centred around animals and wildlife.

Whilst lassoing Mr Stewart reminded us of our most important TN value: 'Kindness'. During lockdown we have all been kind to each other, it is important that we don't lose this as we come out of lockdown. Mr Stewart reminded us to consider the feelings of others in these uncertain times, to look out for other people and check in with how they are feeling. We have seen so many examples of One of our Year 1 students, Harlow had sent a rainbow in the post to Mr Stewart to show him he was thinking of him whilst he has been at home.  Mr Stewart has also received lots of thank you cards from elderly members of the community to thank our pupils for their thoughtful and kind gestures in previous weeks. Thank you to all of you who have sent  Chester Zoo - brilliant zoo we are lucky to be so near to. Theresa, Georgina & Lottie- raise money for the zoo to help the animals. This is a perfect example of kindness for others- well done girls- we are proud of you Mrs Westall then joined the assembly and shared with us a very intriguing and very inspiring video about an artist who creates amazing artwork using just chalk. He uses cracks or random objects on the street to be a part of his masterpieces. Mrs Westall encouraged us to look outside and find a detail to create a masterpiece around to bring joy to ourselves and to others. Don't forget to share your photos with us so we can share them with our community.

Next up was Mr Teague- it was great to see him after all this time (although we know you Year 4 pupils have seen him daily!). Mr Teague had some exciting news about a creative competition which he hopes we will all enter. He had a special guest all the way from Hong Kong to help him explain to us all. Dr Liu told us about her charity, LumiVoce (A Voice For The World) that aims to give a voice to and protect the wildlife, She told us how creativity helps us to connect with people's hearts and emotions which in turn helps us to spread messages. Dr Liu told us all she needs our help to spread the word and the messages about caring for our wildlife.  Dr Liu read us a section of some of our creative writing by Year 4, which we really enjoyed.

Mrs Capewell (unfortunately not dressed as Princess Leia) was next on to our screens to introduce another brilliant author, Ross Montgomery . Firstly Ross helped to judge our creative writing competition, he told us it was a really tough job as there were so many fantastic and creative entries. He selected Sebastian due to the 'mahoosive sausage roll' and Phoebe, due to her creative take on the brief. One of our favourite books by Ross is Max and The Millions, and Ross told us his inspiration for the book was he liked the idea of seeing the world around us in another way. A previous colleague who wore hearing aids had also been the inspiration for Max, the main character in the book. We were so excited to get an exclusive preview of Ross' next book, The Midnight Guardians, which is out in September- we can't wait. Thank you Ross for joining us and well done to Sebastian and Phoebe!

Mr Stewart then galloped back on the screen to award the house points certificates. What a long list of you all it was this week- a huge well done to all of you who received certificates this week, especially Hugo, Ferran and Hermoine who were gold winners this week.  The final thought for today's assembly was Mr Stewart asking us to remain kind and open minded as we left assembly to join form time with our friends and teachers to discuss some serious issues that are happening throughout the world. We can't wait to see you again next week.

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