Alderley Edge Festival

In our assembly this Friday we celebrated the many pupils who recently attended the Alderley Edge Festival to perform their talents. Our pupils were invited to the front to receive their certificates and trophies. Having just watched a number of pupils performing their pieces in music and drama, it was clear to all why they were all so successful!

Mrs Anderson, our VMT specialising in Speech and Drama shares:

“What a lovely time we had this year at the Alderley Edge Festival. We hadn’t had a festival for three years because of Covid and the children were very excited to be back performing in person. I was immensely proud of all those who took part with wonderful team spirit, friendliness and excellent behaviour from Terra Nova pupils. Children competed in classes ranging from acting and mime to verse speaking and prose reading.

A few were lucky enough to be placed, but in my eyes, all were winners on the day and I am immensely proud of every single performer. The children were all given very positive comments from the adjudicators and hopefully learned a few tips along the way.

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents for their support on the day and for the huge amount of practising and helping children to learn their lines at home; it is much appreciated.”

Speech and Drama

First Place

Small Drama Group - Eliza S, Hatty H, Alice G and Antonia B

Duo Verse Speaking - Thomas N and Billy B

Mime to Music - Billy B and Thomas N

Prose Reading - Arabella B

Novice Verse Speaking - Scarlett C

Prose Reading - Alexander M

Set Verse Speaking - Darcey M

Verse Speaking - Esme P

Set Verse Speaking - India M

Set verse Speaking - Antonia B

Second Place

Prose Reading - Henry D

Solo Drama - Darcey M

Duologue - Henry H and Sammy H

Set Verse Speaking - Thomas N

Set Verse Speaking - Eliza S

Prose Reading - India L

Mime to Music - Darcey M, Scarlett C and Gabriella S

Novice Verse Speaking - Antonia B

Verse Speaking - Alexander M

Duo Verse Speaking - Alexander M and Henry D

Third Place

Verse Speaking - Raphaella B

Verse Speaking - Olivia H

Duo Verse Speaking - Olivia H and Esme P

Set Verse Speaking - Olivia H

Prose Reading - Emily G

Prose Reading - India M

Prose Reading - Gigi W

Set Verse Speaking - Scarlett C

Set Verse Speaking - Gabriella S

Prose Reading - Arabella W

Prose Reading - Sammy h

Mime to Music - Arabella B, Natasha G, Emily G, India M

Duo Verse Speaking - Hatty H and Alice G

Prose Reading - Antonia B

Instrumental and Singing

First Place

Vocal Solo Classical Y7 - William B

Vocal Solo Classical Y6 Canon Brien Cup - Humphrey C

Novice Woodwind - Henrietta C

Woodwind Gd 1 - Hugo C

Novice Orchestral String Solo - Emma J

String Solo Grade 4-5 - Emma J

Orchestral String Solo Year 3 - Emma M

2nd Place

Vocal Solo Y3 and under - Henrietta C

Vocal Solo Y4 Musical Theatre - Hugo C

Vocal Solo Y5 Musical Theatre - Isabelle A

Novice Orchestral String Solo - William B

String Solo Grade 3 - William B

Piano Solo Grade 2 - Charlie W

Third Place

Orchestral String Solo Y7-9 - William B

String Solo Grade 3 - Sophie U

Piano Solo Grade 3 - Phoebe A

Woodwind Solo grade 2 - 3 - Henry H

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