Activity Week Round Up

Updated: May 17


Our Nursery children had an action packed week, on Monday the children really enjoyed making potato grass heads in their forest school session plus they created their own nature photos frames. They then headed to the Meadow Farm where they groomed the animals and made potions!

On Tuesday, the children absolutely loved their visit from Mickey and Minnie Mouse, where they enjoyed lots of dancing and party games! They also talked about what superhero power they would have and what their very own superpower is. They ended the day with a game to promote their coordination skills, knocking down villains with beanbags.

On Wednesday the children played lots of teddy bear themed games, like pin the nose on the teddy bear, before getting creative with some bear-y good crafts! Of course they also had a Teddy Bear’s Picnic where they tucked into a delicious picnic lunch, all whilst making themselves cosy on a heap of blankets with their fuzzy friends.

On Thursday, the children ventured into the nursery sandpit barefoot, they were very excited to take off their wellies and feel the sand between their little toes! They also enjoyed a splash in the paddling pool to cool themselves down before enjoying fish and chips outside for lunch, sticking to their beach day theme!

The week ended perfectly as the children got all cosy on pyjama day, they read lots of stories, decorated biscuits and even made their own pizzas to enjoy for lunch!


Activity week has been a real success with lots of organised activities for the children.

On Monday the children headed outside for an action packed day. They painted their own pots before planting a sunflower in them, allowing the children to take on a project to nurture their seeds so they grow tall and healthy! They then headed to the Meadow Farm where different stations were set up with planting, stoking the animals, making patterns using leaves and designing mud faces. In the afternoon they visited our woods where they made a grass head, they put the head in water so that they can watch the ‘hair’ grow!

Tuesday was centred around the children’s inanimate companions, the children built a den outdoors where they played with their peers and hosted a number of tea parties. They made sandwiches for their bears and then designed a blanket for their teddies, continuing with their crafting skills they each made a teddy headband to wear to their Teddy Bears’ Picnic with Year 1. Both year groups gathered on the sunken lawn with their teddies and enjoyed a delicious picnic under the sun.

On Wednesday the children had a beach day, playing in our huge sandpit and water based activities. They had a sand sculpture competition which saw some amazing creations; from castles to octopuses and even a canon. The children then got active with a dance session with our resident dance teacher before they made their own ‘mermaid mini me’!

The peak of excitement was Thursday, both staff and children were so excited to go to Peak Wildlife Park. The children adored the lemas and penguins and even had the chance to interact with them by helping the workers feed the animals at feeding time!

On Friday morning our Reception children started to design their own t-shirts using tie dye. In the afternoon Mrs Roach put her Commander hat on as the children embarked in fun physical activities, they had a military type P.E session with squats, burpees, press ups and lots of running! Mrs Roach tells us “The children have enjoyed the variety of activities and should sleep well, I know we will!”

Year 1

Year 1 have had a fabulous week of fun and adventure!

They began the week with ‘Mindful Monday’ a relaxing way to ease into activity week. The children took part in a number of activities; from learning breathing exercises and different yoga poses to use in their yoga practice later on in the day, to arts and crafts activities in the afternoon. The children enjoyed making their own mindful glitter jars, to use to make them feel calm; as well as their very own sleep spray, to take home and spray on their pillow at night.

On Tuesday it was time for Forest School Day and a Teddy Bears’ Picnic. In the morning the children wrote letters to the Reception children, preparing them for Year One in September. They also decorated biscuits and made rice crispy cakes in preparation for their lunchtime picnic. At lunchtime, alongside Reception and of course their teddy bears, they enjoyed a picnic on the sunken lawn. It was a perfect opportunity to get to know the Reception children ahead of their entry into the Juniors next academic year. They finished our day down in the forest, making dens and an impromptu woodland band, with the children singing and making music to their favourite songs!

On Wednesday it was time for their first trip to ‘Imagine That’. They began their trip by exploring a number of different science experiments and activities, followed by slime making and exploring bubble making in the investigation area. In the afternoon our pupils had a wonderful time playing in the role play areas, pretending to be hairdressers (with Miss Harper and Miss Rostron bravely volunteering as clients), builders, pizza and burger makers, shopkeepers and there were a number of performances from our talented singers and actors!

On Thursday, joining our Year 2 pupils, the children headed off to Blue Planet Aquarium! The children had so much fun exploring the different areas of the aquarium, discovering different fish, frogs, lizards, spiders and more. They particularly enjoyed travelling along the shark tunnel and watching fish and sharks swim alongside and above them. Of course the children loved watching the scuba divers feed the stingrays and fish in the enormous fish tank!

On Friday, we welcomed very tired children (and teachers) back into school for the final day. The children brought in their bikes, scooters and rollerblades for ‘Motor Morning’. The children took part in a number of challenges, following different routes around the playground. They ended the day with a talent show to display all of the amazing talents in Year 1!

Years 2&3 Monday and Tuesday

On Monday our Years 2&3 classes all joined forces to kick off Activity Week. The children split into Houses to undertake a number of exciting and demanding challenges. All activities were designed to help the children develop their teamwork and communication skills in line with the school virtues. The Paper Chain Challenge - provided with the same sized piece of paper which house could produce the longest chain. Domino Rally - skill, patience and steady-hands to create the picture accurately. Summer Crafts - observation and creativity skills were utilised to re-create a delightful spring scene. Commando Joes - could the children gather their treasure and get it across the deadly river to the safety of their chest.

On Tuesday the year groups stuck together as they ventured for a day of outdoor challenges at The Anderton Centre. Whether it was canoeing across the lake to the folly of Liverpool Castle, tackling the low ropes course and bouldering, climbing to the heights of the wobbly crate tower or just enjoying the brilliant outdoors with their friends, both teachers and pupils had a brilliant time testing their bodies and supporting each other.

Year 2

After such a busy start to Activity Week, our Year 2 pupils took some well deserved ‘me time’ for their ‘Healthy Me’ day. In the morning, they focused on the importance of building and maintaining healthy bodies. They got their blood pumping with a vigorous workout in the PAC with Miss Deighton, considering the importance of cardiovascular as well as muscular health. The children then made tasty fruit kebabs to enjoy as a healthy and delicious snack. The afternoon was all about fostering a healthy mind with mindfulness crafts and positive affirmation calendars, all in a calming and peaceful environment.

Acting as role models to our Year 1 pupils, the pupils headed off to the Blue Planet Aquarium! The children had so much fun exploring the different areas of the aquarium, discovering lots of creatures that live underwater. A highlight of the day was travelling along the shark tunnel and watching fish and sharks swim alongside and above them and admiring the bravery of the scuba divers who were feeding the stingrays and fish in the enormous fish tank!

As Activity Week came to a close, Year 2 spent the day appreciating our beautiful surroundings, spending time in the school grounds. They enjoyed a number of different activities throughout the day including sketching some of their favourite views from the Terra Nova field, building dens in our magical woodland and relishing in their newly learnt team-sport, rounders!

Year 3

Despite the drizzle on Wednesday morning, our Year 3 pupils joined forces with our Year 4 pupils to visit the animals at Chester Zoo. The children thoroughly enjoyed getting to see so many wonderful and different animals throughout the course of the day and discuss their differing habitats whilst developing an understanding of the importance of conservation. The pupils listened and took part in educational talks before spending the remaining time visiting more great creatures. In the evening it was time for the Year 3 Camp and BBQ to begin. The weather cleared and the children and teachers put up their sleeping quarters for the night and tucked into a delicious BBQ before some team-building rounders in the evening. Although it was the first camp for many, they all showed great enthusiasm, excitement and resilience getting through the night with zero problems. Well done to them all!

Perhaps a little tired from their night outdoors, the day was spent in classes completing activities based on the trip to the zoo. The children used their imagination to create some new hybrid animals, concentrating hard to finish off an animal sketch they also made their own animal inspired masks!

On Friday our pupils spent the day on the field playing a variety of team sports, working well together and enjoying the final day of a brilliant week.

Year 4

On Monday our Year 4 pupils enjoyed a day at Highlees. They had the luxury of enjoying the lake to themselves to swim, paddle board and even enjoy row boat rides! They made the most of the beautiful weather by playing a number of team games including badminton, swing ball and football. Of course, no lakeside day is complete without everyone gathering around the campfire and sharing stories together. They enjoyed creating natural art with Mrs Fontes, using resources from the forest they found during their walk.

The second day at Highlees started with orienteering and a scavenger hunt. This took the pupils into the beautiful bluebell woods where they stopped to spot elves and fairies among the delicate array of flowers on the woodland floor. They then enjoyed pizza making on the outdoor fire to fuel themselves for an afternoon spent making a DT sculpture with natural materials collected on the scavenger hunt. The day finished off with toasting marshmallows by the campfire.

On Wednesday the classes headed to Chester Zoo with our Year 3 pupils. It was great to see so many wonderful and different animals throughout the course of the day and discuss the habitats of them whilst developing an understanding of the importance of conservation. The students listened and took part in educational talks before spending the remaining time visiting more great creatures.

On Thursday the pupils had a day full of Art activities. They used their imagination to create new hybrid animals, charcoal sketchings of their favourite animal and watercolour paintings and making an animal mask. By the end of the day the children were ready to audition to become the new host of Art Attack!

Friday morning started off with a T-Ball tournament which saw the team ‘The Green Machines’ be victorious after some very close matches! This was followed by a trip to the farm where pupils took part in a carousel of different activities. They then spent the afternoon playing board games together and completing their animal arts and crafts.

Year 5

On Monday morning our Year 5 pupils headed to York, where they explored Jorvik Viking Centre and became archaeologists at the Jorvik DIG site! The children uncovered artefacts from different historical ages and worked out what they had been used for. Afterwards they headed through the old winding streets to York Minster, making a detour to explore the famous Shambles, which inspired Diagon Alley in Harry Potter!

On Tuesday the pupils strolled along the banks of the River Ouse making their way to the York Dungeon, where they met famous characters from York’s dark past. This was followed by a picnic and ice creams in the beautiful grounds of the Museum Gardens before they travelled back to school.

On Wednesday the children and teachers travelled to Tatton Park to experience life in a Saxon settlement. The pupils learnt how to grind their own flour, thresh the corn and bake bread over an open fire. After returning to school they put their new baking skills to use and baked scones and enjoyed afternoon tea.

On Thursday, the pupils enjoyed a fiercely competitive sports session with Mr Gerrard, followed by a whole host of team building activities including team limbo and Lego construction. After lunch, the teams each built their own Viking longship, which then set sail down the stream in the woods. There were some wonderfully creative designs and they all stayed afloat! After a delicious barbecue made by our wonderful catering team, the pupils toasted marshmallows and had movie night in the PAC before heading to their tents for a night of camping.

On Friday it was time to pack away the tents and head to the swimming pool for some games of water polo. They finished the day with a scavenger hunt and the pupils (and teachers) were looking forward to a well-earned rest over the weekend!

Year 6

Our Year 6 pupils set off on Monday morning for their two day residential stay at PGL adventure camp at Boreatton Lodge in Shropshire. This is PGL’s biggest and most popular centre set around an imposing mansion house, with grounds so large it took 3 days to explore them! The children enjoyed some fantastic activities including tackling a high ropes course where pupils were harnessed and climbed 10 metres off the ground- described as a challenge course in the sky! Raft building experience - The pupils built a raft that needed to float (and be steered) using barrels, ropes and wood provided. Once they built it, they needed to test it out on the water – only a few came back dry. Teamwork at its best! The Trapeze - each stage of the trapeze was a challenge in itself. It was totally exhilarating for those who attempted it; we were all amazed with India L who flew like Tinkerbell!

Pupils were delighted when Mr Campbell arrived on Tuesday to join some groups on the high ropes, attempting them himself! He then observed another of many games: Passport to the World. We were all impressed by our Year 6 children’s geographical skills and knowledge.

On Thursday the fun didn’t stop as they travelled to Alton Towers! They definitely picked the best day of the year to visit, as the park was nearly empty. Every ride and roller coaster displayed a ‘0 minutes’ waiting time. This meant that pupils could enjoy a ride and go straight back on it. There were daredevils going on ‘Oblivion’ and ‘The Smiler’ whilst others enjoyed ‘The Blade’ and ‘Gangsta Granny’. Mrs Thomas and Mr Kinzleman did their very best to ensure that everyone had a great time!

On Friday, they started the day with games on the field, before enjoying some free time on our beautiful grounds, which was completed with a barbeque lunch and a water fight, where poor Mr Kinzleman was everyone's target. The children then requested a film in the classroom with marshmallows and popcorn. A lovely and relaxing end to an amazing week!

Year 7

On Monday morning our Year 7 pupils headed to Wales for a very exciting week. The party stopped off to visit Llandudno whilst on the way to Conway Centre in Anglesey where they would spend their upcoming week. Once settled in they visited Benllech beach and enjoyed some art and beach games!

Tuesday morning was the beginning of their action packed activities as the children spent the day surfing and jumping the waves at Rhosneigr beach with a few pupils even managing to stand up. In the evening, the children enjoyed a beach trip to Traeth Bychan and a game of bingo before bed.

On Wednesday they went to Zip World and braved the huge zip wire, enjoying the incredible views as they soared across the sky. After being so high up they then went to underground caves and enjoyed Zip World’s extraordinary Bounce Below! In the afternoon they explored Newborough Forest on Llanddwyn Island.

Thursday held more exciting and physical activities, our Year 7 pupils headed Adventure Parc Snowdonia for the day, in the morning they split into two groups and took turns kayaking and taking on the high ropes. They then headed to Adventure Parc’s ‘Ninja Assault Course & Extreme Slides’ a giant adult soft indoor play area, designed by ‘mad ninjas’ which contains an aerial assault course, gigantic slides slides, the UK’s only kicker flight slide, multi level high rise stunt jumps. cargo nets, high calancing poles and a parkour floor trail. It’s safe to say our Year 7 pupils thoroughly enjoyed this!

After an incredible week mostly spent outdoors, Friday morning was spent Orienteering and bushcraft, a brilliant way to end their fantastic week that encouraged our Year 7 pupils to learn and develop their survival and navigation skills. They then travelled back to Terra Nova after a very busy few days connecting with the outdoors and learning more about their own boundaries!

Year 8

Our Year 8 pupils spent the mornings of the week participating in a revision carousel. In small groups they attended daily English, Maths, Science and French revision lessons, though less exciting than their younger peers, our Year 8s understood the importance of using this time to further prepare for their upcoming Common Entrance exams. Our oldest pupils set a brilliant example throughout the week, never complaining and showing fantastic resilience, discipline and determination.

In the afternoons Year 8 students participated in a range of activities including lifesaving skills in the pool, planning and running a car wash to raise money for Choose Love, taking part in an afternoon of sports and a forest afternoon where they enjoyed den building followed by hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows.

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