Achievement Assembly

This week's Achievement Assembly was opened with a beautiful musical number by our Year 3 pupil Emma who performed ‘Chiquilin de Bachin’ by Arturo Piazzola on violin. Emma is currently preparing for her Grade 3 examination.

Following this Mr Campbell reflected on the badges already discussed for our upcoming Explorers programme and pitched the idea of a musical badge.

Telling the tale of Keith Jarret’s concert in Cologne, Germany in 1975. Organised by 17 year old Vera Brandes, who at the time was Germany’s youngest concert promoter, Keith Jarret had one request; that he be able to play a Bosendorfer piano. However when it came time to get ready for the show, it was discovered that the piano prepared was completely unplayable. But Keith Jarret overcame this obstacle, showing resilience and bravery and put on a legendary performance. Following this story, pupils were left to think how this could influence our music badge.

Pupils, staff and parents were then treated to another magnificent performance by our Year 8 pupil Greg, who played ‘Improvisation’ by Gabriel Faure on Piano.

The assembly then moved onto this week's Sport roundup, celebrating the pupils' effort in all of their fixtures and sporting events. Our rugby and netball captains, Sebastian and Arabella read the match reports and announced the Players of The Match from this week's games.

The Under 11 Netball teams were resilient in keeping their efforts high for the whole game and responded to coaching brilliantly, resulting in them improving in each quarter as the match went on. They displayed excellent team spirit which was extremely visible on court by encouraging each other continuously and not letting any setbacks ruin their spirit.

Our Under 10 girls’ football team travelled to play against Ladybarn. It was a fantastic performance from the girls, who continually worked hard throughout the entirety of the match; they applied pressure throughout the games creating a number of chances for their strikers.

Our Under 13 rugby squad had a tremendous performance against Wrekin. The boys won the day with the aggression of their defence and the quality of the contact skills. Fantastic ball carrying from Seb, Hudson, Henry and Emeka, allowing the team plenty of go forward ball which Charlie W capitalised on with outstanding darting runs, as he found gaps in the opposition’s defence. Harley M won nearly every scrum, denying the opposition meaningful possession and Faysal’s support play was truly outstanding, finding multiple offloads in tight areas then showing dancing feet to bewilder the opposition’s defenders. The hard work the boys are putting into their training is becoming very evident in their performances during matches.

Finally Miss Deighton gave out this week's Bronze certificates to round off the assembly; as always, well done to everybody working hard to earn house points. Particularly well done to Helena, our Year 8 pupil who earned 40 house points this week alone and to Mr Kinzlemann, who has overtaken Mrs Thomas in giving out the most house points within the Maths department.

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