A Recap of The Start of The Autumn Term

“It's been an incredible start to the school year. I've been bowled over by the energy and enthusiasm for learning exhibited by our children, and delighted by the happy smiling faces and peels of laughter that speak so clearly of their pleasure at being back in school with friends and teachers. Moving around the classrooms, I've been struck by the care that children have taken to ensure the first pieces of work completed in their new books are perfect, and hugely impressed by their considered responses to the early academic challenge issued by their teachers. It's going to be a magnificent year.”

-Mr Campbell, Headmaster

What a fantastic start to the Autumn term it has been! The sun was shining down on TN as we welcomed our pupils and parents back to school on Tuesday morning, setting a wonderful tone for the term. Not only have we welcomed new pupils and families, but also a number of new staff, this year's GAP students and of course Mr Campbell and his family. We are so excited to have everybody joining our wonderful TN community!

“I’m happy to be back at school and in the community that I see everyday, I’m also excited to be curious and learn more. My favourite subject is English, so I’m looking forward to getting to know our new head of English Mrs Grey.”

- Arabella, Year 8

“My favourite subject is art, I’m excited to be back and learn more from Mrs Fontes, I’m also happy to see all my friends.”

-Paris, Year 4

“It's been such a fantastic start to the year in the boarding house at Terra Nova. We've welcomed some new boarders who have settled in very well and we've been making the most of the sunny weather with swimming, rounders, football and walks in the evenings. We can't wait for our fun packed weekend ahead - watch this space for the highlights!”

-Mrs Williams, Head of Boarding

What is on the agenda for our pupils this term?

We know this is going to be a fantastic year for everybody, with some exciting topics being explored within and outside of our classrooms. This term in games, pupils will be looking at football and hockey. We are also delighted that fixtures have started and we look forward to hosting future matches throughout the term.

In the Nursery, the topic this term is ‘all about me’. The children will be talking about their friends and family and creating self portraits, plus looking at colours, shapes and numbers. For French with Mrs Evans, children will be learning songs and meeting some French characters who pop in to visit.

“What a great start for the Reception children. A beautiful sunny week making new friends in our fabulous Reception area. The children have all settled into our routine and are enjoying the new classrooms and outdoor area. They particularly loved the mud kitchen, building and role play area.”

- Mrs Roach, Head of Early Years

For their French lessons, Reception will be learning about how instructions and equipment that they use are referred to in French, through lots of songs and interactive whiteboard activities.

This term in Year 1 the topic is 'Superheroes!'. They will be on a mission to discover more about their Super Selves, Super School and Superheroes in our local community. Through some exciting texts, such as 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra they will be learning how to write simple sentences, captions, lists and stories. In Maths they will be exploring numbers up to 20 and beyond and solving problems.

Science will lead our Year 1 pupils on adventure to learn more about keeping their body and mind healthy, strong and invincible! Through foundation subjects they will continue with their Superhero theme learning more about our community and world around us. In PSHEE, they will focus on their hopes and aspirations for the future, both this year and as they grow up!

French lessons in Year 1 will revolve around 'Ma Famille'. Our pupils will develop their understanding of French by reading more French words with the help of Mme Robertson, plus some fun new songs to learn. With Mrs Bennion the Year 1 children will be having lots of musical fun with Boomwackers!

Our Year 2 topic this term will be centred around the exquisite and thought-provoking text, “Here We Are” by the multi-award winning picture book creator, Oliver Jeffers. This magnificent text is a tour through the land, the sea, the sky and our bodies - dioramas of our wild diversity. The text will be used as a focus in all of Year 2’s subjects this half term. In English they will focus on writing character and setting descriptions, as well as developing their punctuation, grammar, spelling, phonics, improving their reading, as well as practising their handwriting skills. In maths, pupils will work with number, developing their addition and subtraction skills and utilising a range of supporting methods. Additionally the children will learn to tell the time. Linking back to the text once again, science will involve the children investigating living things and their habitat. In music Year 2 will be exploring the delightful world of recorders.

The topic of the term in our Year 3 classes is 'Extreme Earth'. Mr Teague and Miss Gibbs’ classes will delve into the different extreme weathers Earth has and the reasons they are caused. They will investigate what makes a volcano erupt; how tsunamis are formed and explore the damage the wildfires are causing to our environment. As part of our instrumental teachings, every Year 3 pupil will be learning to play the violin with Mr Westall. In design & technology with Mrs Boyland, our pupils will be studying earthquake proof buildings and making their own towers, testing them on jelly and marbles to simulate the different types of quakes and tremors.

Miss Dowds and Mrs Gerrard’s Year 4 classes will be looking at polar exhibitions, a topic that will encourage our pupils to think about the geographical location of the polar regions and how they have changed and will continue to change. In their music lessons with Mr Westall, pupils will be exploring drumming and singing. In design & technology Year 4 are looking at the patterns ice makes under a microscope and using these to design panels for a wooden lantern they will construct.

In French, Year 5 will be working hard to develop their key skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking French. In religious studies they will be looking at 'worship'. Looking into different forms of worship as they manifest in the major world religions, our pupils will explore and reflect upon why different faiths observe different ways of worshipping. In computer science with Mr Pearson Year 5 will be covering Kami, robotics and looking further into 3D design and printing! Classics will be split into two sections: Ancient Rome with an introduction to basic Latin and Ancient Greece where pupils shall be studying Greek mythology. Every Year 5 pupil will also learn to play the Trumpet with Mr Westall. In design & technology pupils are making block bots and learning to use hand tools to create a wooden toy. Geography lessons in Year 5 will allow our pupils to develop their geographical skills and embed these within their geography foundations topic which will expose them to a variety of different maps and establish their describing and explaining skills. In History, our Year 5 pupils will be focusing on The Tudors!

Year 6 will have the opportunity to explore a French town within their French lessons as well as learning the language of giving and receiving directions. In religious studies the children will study 'Prejudice & Discrimination; Lessons from Shoah', culminating their work with a visit to the National Holocaust Museum in Nottingham. In computer science with Mr Pearson Year 6 will also be looking into Kami and robotics, plus they will be delving into Stop Motion, using lego to tell a simple story or share a message. In their music lessons this term, Year 6 will be exploring keyboards with Mr Westall. In their Mandarin studies, pupils will explore greetings and self introductions, numbers including age, time and dates, family members, plus food and drinks they like! In design & technology Year 6 will be making textile lanterns using conductive sewing threads and LEDs. In their geography lessons Year 6 are focussing on weather and climate, thinking about what causes weather to change and looking at extreme weather.

In computer science with Mr Pearson Year 7 will explore Kami and robotics, in addition to learning how to use Adobe Sparks and develop their coding skills to develop a game. In German with Mrs Egli, our Year 7 pupils will be covering topics such as family, pets, school and activities! In their music lessons, pupils will be exploring Music Technology with Mr Carey. Design & technology classes will allow our Year 7 pupils the opportunity to prepare their entries to the Shrewsbury School DT Challenge. In geography lessons our pupils are studying ‘Watery World’ with a focus of rivers; how they have helped shape the UK as well as how rivers impact areas due to flooding

In computer science with Mr Pearson Year 8 pupils will explore Kami, Robotics and create a game through coding. They will also learn the history of the internet before designing and developing their own website. In German with Mrs Egli, Year 8 will discuss food, media and holidays. In their music lessons, pupils will continue exploring Music Technology with Mr Carey. Our Year 8 pupils will also spend the term preparing their entries for the Shrewsbury School Design & Technology Challenge with the support of Mrs Boyland. Similarly to Year 7, in geography our Year 8 pupils are also looking into ‘Watery World’, with a focus on coasts and how they have impacted the shape of the UK and how humans interact with the coast line.

In PSHEE this term, pupils will be engaging in a range of topics around health and wellbeing with Miss Faux. Pupils in Years 5-8 have started by looking at what makes us unique, identifying our own strengths and challenges and being our best selves. Throughout the term, the children will also look at positive physical and mental health, family and friendship, social media use and online safety, self esteem and positive body image.

Within their science lessons, our Senior Pupils will all be focusing on their investigation skills. They will be independently planning and conducting an investigation including writing their own method, considering their variables and completing their own risk assessment. Year 5 pupils will investigate how to keep apples fresh whereas our Year 6 pupils will explore how the temperature of water will affect the dissolving of jelly cubes. Year 7 will question how the size and weight of a parachute can affect its descent; and Year 8 pupils will investigate insulators, exploring the insulation of a coffee cup.

In English with Miss Spencer and our new Head of English, Mrs Grey, Senior Pupils will be focusing on comprehension skills and formulating answers using evidence from the books they are delving into this term. In relation to their writing, pupils will be focusing on persuasive and narrative writing.

The class texts for this term are as follows:

Year 5 - The Silver Sword

Year 6 - The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas/ Street Child

Year 7 - The Giver/ War Horse

Year 8 - Frankenstein/ The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

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