1st Assembly of the year

The first full week back at school is nearly complete and everyone at Terra Nova is delighted to be back! Continuing a tradition started during lockdown, a whole school online assembly took place this morning. Caspian C-L in Year 8 opened the assembly with a superb performance of Etude in A minor composed by Farrenc on the piano. Mr Stewart, Headmaster at TN, followed by congratulating all of our pupils on an excellent first week back, particularly in applying themselves to the fast pace of school life. Mr Stewart also congratulated the 14 Year 8 children on their confidence, resilience and bravery in applying for the positions of Head Girl & Boy and their deputies.

Mrs Capwell, Head of English, deftly followed on by introducing us to her latest favourite author Nicola Skinner, author of ‘Bloom’ & ‘Storm’. As with all of the authors that so kindly give of their time in joining us for our assemblies, Nicola was an absolute joy and her books sound completely gripping! Mrs Capewell asked Nicola about the book writing process, in answer, Nicola not only reiterated Mr Stewart’s comments about having the resilience and ability to keep on trying and failing but also shared how inspired she was by the books she read whilst at school and how these texts lodged themselves in her heart and in turn, inspired her to write stories of her own.

We then switched to the PAC where Miss Deighton introduced the Terra Nova house system, the house competitions and how it will all work to all of our existing and new pupils.

To finish an action packed assembly in record time, Miss Deighton had organised a crazily fun house competition whereby the gappies and interns performed a series of complex looking activities involving hula hoops, ping pong balls, cups and playing cards! With Tatton anointed as the winning house for the Summer term 2020, it’s all to play for as the new term gets off to an inspirational and flying start!

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