Terra Nova is a happy school, and our commitment to pastoral care ensures that we provide a safe, familiar, tolerant and nurturing environment which allows our pupils to reach their full potential in every area of life.  We know happy children learn best and we see the pastoral care and needs of our pupils as vital to their success and personal development. 


Whilst our Deputy Head has ultimate responsibility for the pastoral welfare of our children, the teaching team are also very invested in the wellbeing of the children. Any questions or issues can be addressed in the daily form time that children enjoy with their form tutors. Additionally, Terra Nova’s children have access to the following people, detailed below, all integral to the robust pastoral team that have the medical, emotional and wellbeing requirements of the children covered. 


The school is proud to employ:


A designated Head of Safeguarding

a medical team, comprising of:

  • a school doctor and 

  • two matrons


A school counsellor


An independent listener


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