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A very warm welcome to Terra Nova School and our wonderful community.

Terra Nova is a vibrant and exciting school set in acres of wonderful grounds. The perfect place for a child to grow and develop. Our school is steeped in history and values the traditions that form the foundations on which our school grows stronger.

While the academic progress and achievement of each pupil is always at the centre of our concerns, we believe that school life should be enjoyed for itself and not just as a preparation for adulthood.

We help our pupils to become independent and courageous thinkers who are prepared to explore, innovate and meet life’s opportunities with creativity.

All children in the school are encouraged to develop their talents and realise their potential in the way that best meets their needs and personalities. The wellbeing of every child is at the heart of the school’s philosophy, for while we want them to develop a genuine love of learning, we also want them to be resilient, optimistic, confident and kind people who know how to form and sustain good relationships and make a positive contribution to society. Teachers know pupils very well and visitors often comment on the laughter, good humour and warmth that mark relationships between children and staff. We are a family. These relationships are further fostered and independency developed with the opportunity for children to board at Terra Nova; a great preparation for both Senior boarding schools and life itself.

We want our pupils to know that people can make a difference, and they are encouraged to see that they also can make their mark on the world. They are encouraged to develop an open mindset in which they can both acknowledge their weaknesses and learn how to overcome them, encounter academic and personal challenges with enthusiasm, ambition and a will to succeed. They learn to inspire, influence and collaborate with others and they learn how to manage conflict. They are helped to develop self-awareness and understand their impact on others.

While we enjoy enviable grounds in a prime location, it is our community – our pupils, staff and parents – that make this a special place to be. Our parents are tremendously supportive of the School, contributing a huge amount of time and energy to both ethos and events.

I look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful school community.

Mr Philip Stewart


Small Class

Individual attention and personalised learning tailored to each and every pupil, leading to inspirational outcomes.


A proud heritage steeped in traditional values with a thoroughly modern approach and delivery.

Age range
2½ to 13 years

Seamless transition, specialist teaching, leadership opportunities, all-round nurture and outstanding pastoral care.


Makerspace, The Hub, 32 Acres, Shooting Range, Swimming Pool. Stunning facilities in a beautiful environment.


French, Spanish, German and Latin, taught by experts in the knowledge and understanding of second language learning.

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