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Thomas Wheildon Brown was Headmaster of TN from 1928 - 1957. During his tenure as Headmaster, the school relocated in 1939 from Birkdale, Southport to Jodrell Hall, Cheshire where it remains to this day. He and his wife, Joan Brown had two children: Tim born in Sep 1925 and Jena born in August 1930 - d. 2015.


Tim WB was not in fact educated at Terra Nova School as his father didn’t believe in sending his son to the school he was Headmaster of, however his sister Jena did attend TN and went on to become a leading mathematician at Cambridge university.


The school is delighted to still be in contact with Mr Wheildon Brown, he returned to the school, his former home, in 2009 for an Armistice Service and the current Head visited him at his home in London in Jan 2020.

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