Terra Nova prepares pupils for a huge variety of senior schools, both boarding and day and the requirements of each of these schools vary. Resultantly the preparation for senior schools is relatively individualised. This is exemplified specifically by the high number of scholarships Terra Nova pupils achieve to senior schools in varying disciplines. Additionally, the challenge of the Common Entrance curriculum (concluded with examinations in English, Maths, Biology, Physics Chemistry and French in the June of Year 8) provides an excellent and testing precursor to the GCSE curriculum.


We believe our students are well-equipped to handle the next stage of their education after Year 7&8 at Terra Nova. In the last 5 years the split between leaving for boarding school and leaving day school is almost 50-50. Our leavers’ destinations include a wide variety of schools reflecting the diverse and rich community that is Terra Nova School.


Key Benefits of Year 7&8

  • Small class sizes allowing individualised attention and support

  • Friendly, known and nurturing school environment for children, particularly whilst going through early adolescence

  • Opportunities for leadership and responsibility

  • Enhanced responsibility for learning 

  • Excellent track record, preparation and support for pupils to aim for scholarship success to a wide range of senior schools 

  • Small tutor group; individual pastoral attention

  • A well-structured academic programme 

  • Some amazing trips and events experienced as part of a small cohort including their final overseas adventure

  • Flexible and full boarding opportunities

  • Your child will be known; really known