Junior Preparatory Sports & Activities

Sport & Activities are very much part of life at Terra Nova School. The school’s 35 acres provide a rich resource for children to discover, explore, adventure and take risks. Our extensive grounds include, our own forest school and woods, play areas, playgrounds, playing fields, astro turf and meadow and swimming pool.


The major games played per term are as follows:











Summer  Cricket  Rounders

But children also have plenty of opportunities to participate in: Athletics, Cross Country, Dance, Dance & Ballet, Fitness sessions, Riding, Running, Golf, Swimming & Tennis 

Sports in Year 1&2

In Year 1&2 pupils have two hours a week of sport with specialist teachers. In PE subjects include swimming, dance, gymnastics, tennis and athletics. In Games lessons, pupils get the opportunity to develop their basic skills and teamwork through a variety of sports such as hockey, netball, football and tag rugby.

Sports in Year 3&4

In Year 3&4 pupils participate in one hour of PE and three hours of games per week. Pupils in Year 3 and 4 enjoy an extensive sporting programme similar to the pupils in the Senior Prep School. From Year 3 onwards all children represent our school in a variety of sport in competitive matches against other schools. They also take part in regional and national sporting events.


In addition the the Curriculum, children at Terra Nova have every opportunity to participate in Choirs, School Performances, After School clubs, School Trips and the whole school Activity week. The children are fully engaged in their school lives and clearly benefit from the huge breadth of experiences they accrue during their time at the school.

Forest School

The Forest School is a resource that is used to the max by the school. It is certainly embraced by the children, they venture into the woods to toast marshmallows, observe the changing seasons and use this fantastic resource to support their classwork.   Being in an outdoor environment enables the children to develop their independence, engage with and develop their understanding of nature as well as taking increased responsibility for themselves in this environment. Opportunities exacerbated by being outdoors away from the more “safe” environment of the childrens’ classrooms.


Terra Nova has its own cub scout pack led by Akela – “a symbol of wisdom, authority and leadership!” Akela at Terra Nova is the Headmaster’s wife! The cub pack get involved in scouting events in the local community, help at school events as well as regularly having bonfires and roasting marshmallows in the forest.

School Trips

No one forgets the excitement of school trips in their school days! Our pupils enjoy trips to the theatre and trips that support their termly topic.

Activity week

In June all children participate in activity week. Activities vary enormously but it is a week packed full of adventure and new experiences. The activity week takes place towards the end of the academic year and is therefore an opportunity for teachers and their pupils to do something different from learning in the classroom and go off and have fun together!

What we've been doing in Junior Preparatory

Year 1 - pupils recounting facts about The Great Fire of London

Year 2 - ????? ??? ?????? ??????

Year 3 - making chocolates

Year 4 - pupils reporting on Pliny and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius

A typical day in Junior Preparatory

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Small Class

Individual attention and personalised learning tailored to each and every pupil, leading to inspirational outcomes.


A proud heritage steeped in traditional values with a thoroughly modern approach and delivery.

Age range
2½ to 13 years

Seamless transition, specialist teaching, leadership opportunities, all-round nurture and outstanding pastoral care.


Makerspace, The Hub, 32 Acres, Shooting Range, Swimming Pool. Stunning facilities in a beautiful environment.


French, Spanish, German and Latin, taught by experts in the knowledge and understanding of second language learning.

Latest News

Activity Week for Year 8 in Switzerland draws to a close!

Activity Week for Year 8 in Switzerland draws to a close!

For the second year running the Year 8 children have visited Switzerland for their leavers trip. They have had a ball, sledging on the Col de Pillion glacier at an altitude of 3000 metres, visiting thermal baths, a chocolate factory, swimming in Lake Geneva, playing...

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