Junior Preparatory Curriculum

Topic Based Learning

Focusing on a topic brings the process of learning to life, fully immersing the children as well as igniting their enthusiasm to learn. To see an overview of the topic based approach and how the children are exposed to the full range of curriculum subjects please click below.



Year 1

Year 2

Autumn Term

All About Me

Fighting Fit

Spring Term

Fire! Fire!

Ocean Adventures

Summer Term


Catwalk, Clothes and Camouflage



Year 3

Year 4


Groovy Greeks

Rockin Romans



A Passage to India



WW11 – We’ll meet again


Our Gifted & Talented Program

Terra Nova School is committed to providing a learning environment where all pupils receive the challenge and support necessary to help them develop their full potential.  Our most able pupils are extended in a variety of ways in the classroom through differentiated lessons, higher level thinking activities and critical thinking skills. Lunchtime and after school clubs deepen breadth of knowledge whilst stimulating intellectual curiosity.

The Space to Grow Years 1&2

English The children are based in 6 different ability groups across Years 1 & 2. Children are taught English through the Read Write Inc scheme. The children participate in topic based literacy lessons putting into practice what they have learned in RWI. In their study of fictional texts, the children study a range of topic linked texts to stimulate narrative writing, poetry and letter writing. In non fiction children use information to produce recounts, fact files, captions and labels.


  • Children read in school with a teacher/teaching assistant at least twice a week. Each child is regularly assessed in reading in order for optimum progress to take place.


  • Spellings are sent home to be practiced and learned for a weekly test. Spelling lists are differentiated according to pupils’ ability.


  • Maths is very much based on practical activities, making sure concepts are thoroughly understood before there is a greater emphasis on written methods. The following key skills are covered; counting and sequencing, place value,  doubling, halving, addition and subtraction. From Year 2 multiplication and division are also introduced including regular times tables tests. The children are also exposed to other areas of maths such as shape, measures, time and money.
Getting the best from your child

Specialist subject teaching is one of the hallmarks of a Terra Nova education and something the children benefit from even when they are in the Pre School. The children are exposed to a broader range of subjects which they learn about in greater depth than if they were solely taught by their class teacher. They are also enabled to build a solid foundation of understanding and skills in these subjects from a very early age.

In Years 1&2 for Technology, Music, French and Forest School the children visit the specialist teacher in their specialist subject classroom for 1 hour a week. In Games / PE the children enjoy up to 2 hours a week.

In Years 3&4, the range of subjects is extended to include Art & Design Technology. Children enjoy up to 2 hours a week in the above subjects and up to 4 hours of Games/PE. Speech & Drama lessons are also available during the school day. These lessons are offered privately.


Our Learning Resource Centre

We have a dedicated team of teachers and teaching assistants, who specialise in specific learning difficulties and support children with their learning as and when required. We appreciate that some children benefit from additional input to help them learn effectively so the team works closely with parents and outside professionals, as well as class teachers, to determine, recommend and implement an individualised plan of support when necessary.

The Confidence to Learn

How Terra Nova builds your child’s confidence

The ability to stand up and speak in public or to present ideas to roomful of people fills some people with dread! At Terra Nova, our pupils are encouraged to get involved in every opportunity to develop their confidence and ability in public speaking, presenting and performing! The children frequently perform in our Performing Arts Centre. To give specific examples:

  • In Year 1&2 the children participate in Show & Tell where they bring in a treasured possession from home and tell their classmates all about it.
  • This concept is developed in Year 3 where the children take turns to be “teacher for 10 minutes”. They choose a subject of their choice which ranges from meerkats to sailing to racing cars, assemble a presentation and present it to their class!
  • Year 4s in action speak for themselves! (click through to weather reports vid)

The children’s confidence and ability to perform in front of an audience is an absolute delight to see!


Home learning in Year 1&2

Children in year 1 and 2 are expected to support their learning with short homework tasks. Each week they will be expected to; 

  • Read daily for around 10 minutes and talk about what they have read.
  • Learn their spellings for a test each week.
  • Complete one other piece of homework which is very often a maths activity but is sometimes a task related to the topic work.
  • In Year 2 learn multiplication facts for weekly testing.

We offer a weekly homework club for pupils in years 1 and 2.


Home learning in Year 3&4

Home learning tasks may come in a variety of forms that reinforce, extend and consolidate work that stretches our pupils’ understanding further. We offer 3 x a week homework club for pupils in years 3 & 4. Each week children are set:

In Year 3… 

  • One piece of English (30 minutes)
  • One piece of Maths focusing on times tables (30 minutes). Other optional Maths homework assignments are set using the interactive online teaching website, MyMaths.
  • Weekly spellings
  • Optional long-term home learning projects each term linked to the theme.
  • Daily reading is encouraged

In Year 4…

  • Two pieces of English (One hour) Or *Two pieces of Maths (One hour)
  • One piece of Maths (30 minutes) *One piece of English (30 minutes)
  • Other optional Maths home learning assignments are set using the interactive online teaching website, MyMaths.
  • Weekly spellings
  • Optional long-term home learning projects each term linked to the theme
  • Daily reading is encouraged


The Space to Grow Years 3&4

English The children receive one hour of dedicated English teaching every day. Children are grouped according to ability and learning is contextualised, linking to the termly theme.  A range of writing genres are taught over the two years and the importance of correct punctuation, grammar and vocabulary is emphasised. The importance of spoken language is recognised across the whole curriculum.


  • Children read on a 1:1 basis and in small group guided reading sessions to develop comprehension skills. Children visit the school’s library on a weekly basis and are encouraged to read for pleasure as well as for study.


  • An example of spelling work includes: rules for adding prefixes and suffixes, homophones and near-homophones and words with possessive apostrophes. We continue to emphasise the relationships between sounds and letters, even when the relationships are unusual. Spelling lists are differentiated according to pupils’ ability and tested weekly.


  • Children receive one hour of Maths teaching every day. Children are grouped according to ability and work is differentiated within sets. The following key skills are covered: number and place value, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, fractions, measures and data, money, time and shape. Every week children undertake investigative work and complete a times tables challenge. Where relevant, work links to the termly theme. MyMaths, an interactive online teaching and homework website, is used to support teaching and learning.


The Space to Grow

Our pupils will grow and mature enormously during the time they are in Years 1-4 and this is reflected in all the teaching they receive. Describing what is covered in the core subjects of Literacy and Maths below, we aim to highlight just how much we recognise the different demands relative to the differing age groups.

How you support us in getting the best from your child

The work that children carry out at school is best supported by the childrens’ parents / carers at home. Children are expected to read at home as often as possible but to give you an idea of the school work the children bring home, please see the relevant dropdowns below. Please also note that all home learning can be carried out during ‘prep’ sessions at school after lessons finish. In the Junior Preparatory part of the school, there are three ‘Prep’ sessions, supervised by a teacher per week.

Small Class

Individual attention and personalised learning tailored to each and every pupil, leading to inspirational outcomes.


A proud heritage steeped in traditional values with a thoroughly modern approach and delivery.

Age range
2½ to 13 years

Seamless transition, specialist teaching, leadership opportunities, all-round nurture and outstanding pastoral care.


Makerspace, The Hub, 32 Acres, Shooting Range, Swimming Pool. Stunning facilities in a beautiful environment.


French, Spanish, German and Latin, taught by experts in the knowledge and understanding of second language learning.

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