Junior Preparatory Boarding

Facts about Boarding at Terra Nova: (Click for handbook)

  • Flexible boarding is available from and inclusive of Monday – Friday nights
  • There are 52 beds / 4 dormitories / 1 girls’ landing / 1 boys’ landing
  • Children can board from Year 3 upwards
  • Each boarding night there is 1 Teacher / 1 Matron &  4 Gap students on duty
  • Boarding activities are varied to appeal to different ages

“I will be leaving Terra Nova for a day school but I’m glad I have had the chance to board. I like being able to play sport in the evenings with my friends and the Gap students.”
Gabriel Kinzelman, Head of Rugby

Years 3&4 tend to board on a Friday nights which are more like “sleepovers” the children participate in a fun boarding activity such as ice skating, nail art nights, water fights etc. For more information on boarding please see The Senior Preparatory School Boarding section.

What we've been doing in Junior Preparatory

Year 1 - pupils recounting facts about The Great Fire of London

Year 2 - ????? ??? ?????? ??????

Year 3 - making chocolates

Year 4 - pupils reporting on Pliny and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius

A typical day in Junior Preparatory

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1pm-2pm - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet 3pm-4pm - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet 4pm-5pm - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet