The Junior Prep at Terra Nova School is a wonderful place to learn and the children absolutely thrive here. Pupils join the Junior Prep in Year 1 and are part of this section of the School until the end of  Year 4.


Our educational philosophy is centered around fostering a growth mindset and enforcing a positive can-do approach where children are left with a thirst to take risks and enjoy challenges, equipping them for life in the 21st century. We want our pupils to be confident, well-rounded deep thinkers who never stop questioning. For this to happen, we ensure learning experiences have real relevance, purpose, and authenticity.

Developing the whole child is a priority and although we ensure academic rigour, nurturing transferable skills for life drives our thematic curriculum, which is rich in active and cooperative learning experiences. Children have opportunities to guide the direction of learning and share their thoughts and ideas. 

In Junior Prep, we pride ourselves on how well we know the pupils and positive and effective pupil-teacher relationships ensure all pupils feel valued and well cared for. This also enables us to personalise learning experiences and give precise, tailored feedback so that pupils know exactly what they need to do to improve their learning. 

The family atmosphere and sense of happiness around Junior Prep make it a magical environment in which to learn and develop - a very warm welcome awaits.