Welcoming International Pupils to Terra Nova School

Terra Nova is a vibrant and exciting School set in 32 acres of rural Cheshire countryside. The perfect place for a child to grow and develop. The school is steeped in history, and values the traditions that form the foundations on which a fresh-thinking approach is adopted.

All children in the School are encouraged to develop their talents and realise their potential in the way that best meets their needs and personalities. The wellbeing of every child is at the heart of the School’s philosophy.

We want them to develop a genuine love of learning, be resilient, optimistic, confident and kind people who can sustain good relationships and make a positive contribution to society.


Terra Nova School offers an enviable setting for pupils, perfect for learning outside the classroom through the purpose-built forest school set in our own woodlands, bespoke shooting range, all purpose floodlit astroturf, tennis courts, Performing Arts Centre and swimming pool.

This summer, the school has also developed two further facilities: a state of the art Makerspace to enhance our STEAM programme, and The Hub, a new vibrant library and resource centre for pupils.

Academic Reputation

Terra Nova School prides itself on preparing pupils for the next stage in their education through a dynamic, vibrant and engaging curriculum taught by world-class educators who have training and experience across the world. All this is achieved making use of the very best resources.

Many pupils leave Terra Nova with scholarships at prestigious Schools such as Shrewsbury, Uppingham, Rugby, Repton and Marlborough. Other pupils have gone on to study at Eton and Oxford.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Provision

Pupils for whom English is an additional language will be assessed as part of the admissions process and also upon entry to the School.

Pupils must speak, read, and write English at a suitable level to access the curriculum in the classroom.

Terra Nova School offers specialist teachers in EAL who can offer individual or small group sessions. These are scheduled to take place within the normal school day.


Relationships are further fostered, and independence developed, with the opportunity for pupils to board at Terra Nova School in preparation for both senior boarding school and future university life.

Pupils enjoy boarding from Year 3 to Year 8. There are currently 50 pupils boarding on a regular basis.

What our destination schools say about our pupils

Terra Nova School is one of Sedbergh’s most important feeder schools and the two schools share a similar commitment to the highest quality of boarding education and pastoral care. Both schools focus on academic excellence for every individual child matched with a wide and varied range of extra-curricular and cultural activities which include fine music, technology, sport and drama. Sedbergh and Terra Nova are located in beautiful, clean countryside which allows children to play and learn in a particularly healthy environment. Places of great cultural interest are easily accessible.

Pupils from Terra Nova School are swift to adapt to secondary education and boarding at Sedbergh. Without exception, they are quick to build friendships and embrace the range of opportunities available to them. They are well disciplined in their studies and perform highly in exams. Sedbergh is placed in the top 10% of Schools in UK for the progress that pupils make in their studies, Terra Novians play an important part in our success by providing the firmest educational foundations.

The Schools enjoy close links between senior staff meaning that the transition from Terra Nova to Sedbergh is carefully and individually planned. If you are seeking a place for your son or daughter at one of the UK’s oldest and most prestigious high-performing boarding schools, Terra Nova provides excellent foundations.

Mr. Andrew Fleck
Principal, Sedbergh School
Governor, Terra Nova School

Shrewsbury School has enjoyed a close link with Terra Nova School over very many years. The pupils who transfer from TN to Shrewsbury are excellent members of our school. The close-knit Terra Nova community makes them aware of others around them, and this is a key element of thriving in a boarding house. They have developed good study skills and perform well in the classroom. And finally, they have enjoyed a rich co-curriculum at Terra Nova, and are ready to embrace the even larger range on offer at Shrewsbury.

Mr. Leo Winkley
Shrewsbury School

Denstone College has been welcoming Terra Nova pupils for many years. They are invariably amongst our very best young people, always well-rounded individuals with a strong sense of community, which is so important in boarding schools. Excellent contributors to school life, both outside and in the classroom, Terra Nova pupils are beautifully prepared for senior school. Often talented and well-coached in sport, music, drama and other co-curricular areas, they are also well prepared academically by the time they join us to be educated for the rigours of public examinations.

Terra Nova is a wonderful school, with a flexible approach to boarding, which our parents appreciate too, and we hope to continue welcoming their alumni to Denstone every year.

Mr. Miles Norris
Denstone College

Uppingham values its long relationship with Terra Nova. As a full boarding school, Uppingham has enjoyed the independently minded pupils who have joined us. Terra Nova pupils have distinguished themselves with their enthusiasm for the wider curriculum, their well-developed study skills, their friendliness and the ability to enjoy the full breadth of the boarding opportunity here.

Dr. Richard Maloney
Uppingham School

Repton School has a long held and valued relationship with Terra Nova School over many years and year on year welcomes a number of Terra Nova pupils to Repton School. There is a close and supportive relationship with Repton Heads of Department liaising directly with Terra Nova members of staff with regard to entrance exams and scholarships.

Terra Nova pupils often enter various competitions and events held at Repton from the Prep Schools’ Tennis Tournament to Year 6 Experience Days. The pupils themselves are prepared extremely well for the busy life of a senior boarding school and we have witnessed them thrive and go on to succeed in an impressively diverse range of areas of school life, whether it be academically or in the wider educational areas of Sport, Music, Art or Drama.

Mr. Tim Collins
Director of Admissions
Repton School

Type of

Independent pre-prep and prep school, offering flexible boarding from Year 3 to Year 8.

Age Range
2½ to 13 Years

Seamless transition, specialist teaching, leadership opportunities, all-round nurture and outstanding pastoral care.


Small enough for individuals to thrive, large enough to be at the forefront of teaching and learning, with exceptional enrichment opportunities.


Structured independence within a warm and caring community; personal growth and development fostered in a supportive and accomodating environment.



French, Spanish, German and Latin taught by experts in the knowledge and understanding of second language learning.

Teacher to
Pupil Ratio 1:8

Guaranteed attention and support, active participation, and a thorough understanding of pupils’ learning styles.

in 1897

A proud heritage steeped in traditional values with a thoroughly modern approach and delivery.


Academic, Art, Design, Drama, Music, Science/Technology and Sport scholarships are available.


Clergy, H M Forces and Sibling discounts. Bursaries are available for new entrants.


Makerspace, The Hub, 32 Acres, Shooting Range, Swimming Pool. Stunning facilities in a beautiful environment.

Admissions Process

Admission Process Overview

Complete and submit a Registration Form, along with a non-refundable Registration Fee of £250 and any required supporting documents.

Admissions Commitee Review

The Admissions Committee will review the application to ensure that it satisfies our criteria, and confirm that there is space available.

Candidate meets the entry requirements

Option 1 – A place is offered and accepted

A surety of one terms fees is required along with a signed copy of Terms and Conditions to secure the Child’s place at the school.

Option 2 – Deferment Requested

One deferment will be allowed, but the application will be considered to be withdrawn/closed thereafter.

Option 3 – Waiting List

If there are more candidates than places available then the applicant will be placed on a waiting list.

Candidate doesn't meet the entry requirements


The application is denied. The Parents or Guardian are informed of the Committees decision and the application is closed. Candidates may re-apply after one academic year has passed.


All non-EU pupils will require a child student visa to enter the UK and study at Terra Nova School.

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