The Families of Terra Nova

We intend to grow and develop our school, broadening ways to learn, enhancing the infrastructure, and improving the facilities. We are establishing an always-on funding framework to get us there quicker.


Welcome to Families of Terra Nova, a fund, established to provide independent financial support for the school, ensuring Terra Nova delivers for our children, our parents and our community.  

To realise our ambitions, we have developed a set of priorities. In short order, we intend to:-
• Continue to improve our facilities, refreshing the learning environment.
• Launch new digital routes to learning, offering a diverse and progressive programme
• Embrace the role our school plays within the local community, providing greater access and opportunity. 

To do this, we need your help:


Parents, friends and alumni can become members of Families of Terra Nova by supporting the Fund in several ways through one-off, regular or legacy donations.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Ways To Donate

Make a single donation

You can simply click here [insert link] to make a gift securely online

Online donation functionality (like JustGiving)


Make regular donations

Please complete the direct debit form here [insert link]


Those wishing to support us by giving donations over £200k or legacy donations will be eligible to become members of our founder's club, The Phoenix Founders; being part of this club provides members exclusive access to xxxxxxx.  


We would be delighted to speak with you regarding how you could support us. Please contact xxxxxx xxxxxx


Gift Aid

By donating to Terra Nova through Friends of Terra Nova and completing a Gift Aid form[insert link]  Terra Nova can claim an additional 25% from HMRC, boosting your donation at no extra cost to you. Higher rate tax payers can also claim back the difference between higher and basic rate tax on the value of their gift, including Gift Aid.


Corporate donations

If you are a company and would like to make a donation to The Families of Terra Nova, are able to claim corporation tax relief

Single Donation
Regular Donation
Gift Aid Donation
Corporate Donation