Terra Nova dormitories are warm and friendly and our boarding community welcomes new pupils with open arms; friendships are quickly established and life-long friendships are made.  We understand the importance of our boarding children keeping in touch with family and friends, whether they are in the UK or abroad and all boarders have access to phones and devices at designated times throughout the week.  


Most of our current boarders are flexi boarders who stay a few nights each week to provide the opportunity to develop independence in a friendly and protective environment. This is particularly important if the plan is for them to move onto a full boarding public school at the age of 13+.

Our boarding facilities are located in the main building. The dormitories vary in size - the largest having eight beds and the smallest having three. Each boarder is provided with a wardrobe and cupboard to keep their clothes and personal possessions. There are bathrooms and shower rooms together with a common room that has a television, games, books and supervised access to a Nintendo Switch.

Our boarders are supervised at all times by a team consisting of the Head of Boarding, members of the teaching staff who undertake boarding duties, the matrons and the GAP students. It is our aim to provide an environment in which our young people can develop and grow in an atmosphere that encourages trust, independence and mutual consideration.