A Letter from our head of boarding

I am delighted to welcome you to the Terra Nova Boarding House. 

We are a house comprised of full, weekly and flexi-boarders who come from all corners of the globe. We are proud of the diverse and inclusive nature of our boarders and the fact that our community allows us the best opportunity to learn how to become internationally minded as a pupil. Whilst half of our boarders live with us full time, a lot of our day children are also flexi-boarders who stay a few nights each week to provide the opportunity to develop independence in a friendly and protective environment; this is particularly important if  the plan is for them to move onto a full boarding public school at the age of thirteen. 

The boarding facilities are located in the main building. The dormitories vary in size - the largest having eight beds and the smallest having four. Each of the boarders has a wardrobe and cupboard in which to keep their clothes and personal possessions, as well as a lockable bedside table. There are bathrooms and shower rooms, together with a common room which has a pool table, television, games, books and supervised access to games consoles.

Boarders are supervised at all times by a team consisting of: the Head of Boarding; the resident boarding tutor; members of the teaching staff who undertake boarding duties; the school nurse; our housekeeper and the GAP students. It is our aim to provide an environment in which young people can develop and grow in an atmosphere that encourages trust, independence and mutual consideration. We also feel that home contact is important and aim to make ourselves, and the children, available to be contacted by parents at any reasonable time during the day and evening. 

Below, there is a link to our current boarding handbook which gives you all the information you should need about daily routines and the minutiae of boarding life, but please do contact me if you have any boarding-related queries. 


I very much look forward to meeting you in the coming months and showing you around the Terra Nova Boarding House.

Mrs Emma Williams
Head of Boarding