Terra Nova School, founded in 1887, located at its current site since 1939 is a leading preparatory school in the UK. Educating girls and boys aged 2.5 to 13 years of age, the school’s curriculum is both rich in breadth and rigorous in its demands of its pupils. Opportunities in academics, on the sports field and in the performing & creative arts abound. 


Whether it is the opportunity to attend high level learning scholarship classes, the opportunity to represent the school on the sports field or the opportunity to develop creatively, the culture of the school is such that the pupils are proud to give of their very best and try the myriad of opportunities available to them.


Key to the school’s buoyant community is the pastoral welfare of the pupils, our children undoubtedly flourish confident in the knowledge that they are learning in a happy and supportive environment.


Preparing our pupils to pass entrance exams to their senior schools, whether that be day or boarding, ready to leave Terra Nova at 11+ or 13+ is the school’s objective. Knowing and understanding our pupils and what will be the right senior school for them is the teaching team’s ultimate driver. The school is steeped in history but forward looking; preparing its pupils not just for their senior schools but life in the global world they will inhabit. 


It is only by visiting our school that you will really understand why we are so proud of it, we look forward to welcoming you!

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