On Monday 1st April, Mr Philip Stewart, Terra Nova’s Headmaster was delighted and honoured to be able to meet with Mr. Wheildon Brown who was just two years of age when his father became Headmaster of the school, then based in Formby. At 93 years of age, Mr Wheildon Brown is the oldest living person to have Terra Nova connections. Mr Wheildon Brown had a sister Jennifer, the first ever girl to be admitted to Terra Nova School, she is pictured below dressed in the same blazer style pupils wear to this day! Jennifer Wheildon Brown went on to study at St. Hilary’s in Alderley Edge, Headington in Oxford and then to Cambridge University to study Natural Sciences.

Mr Wheildon Brown’s father was the Headmaster of Terra Nova School from 1928 to 1956, when he retired to Minster Lovell to indulge his passion for fishing! During this period, Mr Wheildon Brown snr. oversaw the relocation in 1939 of the school from Formby to what was then Jodrell Hall, the house and buildings of which, Terra Nova has occupied ever since.


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