Written by Ms J Evans who led the Year 6 trip to the Holocaust Museum. ‘It was a delight to take Year 6 to the National Holocaust centre in Nottingham. We had a very early start. The pupils got to experience life through the eyes of Leo, a 10 year old Jewish boy. They were asked to reflect upon how they would have felt in his situation. We were lucky enough to hear the testimony of Steve Mendelsson, who was keen for his story to be told.
James Griffiths (Director of Learning) at the National Holocaust Centre, said:
‘The learning programmes at The National Holocaust Centre encourage students to focus on the importance of the ‘choices’ individuals make. They also teach students about the consequences of not challenging discrimination and propaganda and failing to value diversity.’
The learning from this visit is invaluable in helping our pupils develop an understanding of how our beliefs and behaviour can have a profound effect on those around us and indeed the world in which we live.’
Pictured are some of the Year 6 pupils observing a pile of stones, representing each of the 1.5 million children who perished during the holocaust. Terra Nova’s Year 6 pupils each laid a stone in memory. 
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