On the 7th November 2018 four pupils (Freddie L, Caspian CL, Hannah D and Clara-Sue P) in Year 6 travelled to Explore Learning Center in Altrincham to take part in the National Young Mathematicians’ Award, with over 1200 schools taking part.

The teams were scored on three areas; their mathematical solutions, teamwork and presentation skills. Four challenges were posed for pupils to work on, all involving dice:

Challenge 1:

The first challenge was to put the dice in a line making sure the sides (the ones that touched) had the same number on each.

For example:





       ^  ^       ^ ^     ^ ^

       2 2       5 5     2 2

With this Technique they had to make the top of the four dice add up to 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.                                                     

Challenge  2:

The second challenge, following the same rules, asked the pupils to find as many combinations as possible where the sum of the four dice sum was twelve.

Challenge 3:

In this challenge, again following the rule for touching sides, the pupils had to make the sum of the left two dice double the sum of the right two dice.

Challenge 4:

In this challenge, the main part is the same as challenge three, except that the product of the two left dice had to be either 2 or 3 times the product of the right two dice.

Terra Nova put in a strong academic performance across all three areas and excitingly made it into Round 2, taking place at time of press (6th Dec 2018). If a place in the national finals is achieved, (Round 3), our Maths whizzes will be off to Cambridge University. Congratulations to the fab 4 on their achievements thus far!

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