After successfully making it through Round 1 of the National Young Mathematicians Award, the Year 6 mathematicians team took part in the regional finals in Altrincham. The challenge was scored on a three part success criteria, including teamwork, solutions and presentations. In this round the team had to find combinations of numbers that totalled different amounts; 36 and 48. However, life is never that simple… They were given strips of paper with numbers from 0-24 written on, which had to be folded back and forth on multiples of different numbers, i.e. folds on 3,6,9,12,15,18,21 and 24. Then using their logic and spatial awareness, they had to total up the numbers that stacked on top of each other. There were only so many different combinations of fold and totals that could be found. We now await the decision on whether we have made it through to the National Finals at Cambridge University where only 5 schools from the country will be taking part. Well done to Caspian, Clara-Sue and Hannah for their open mindset and hard work on this round – one where even the Head of Mathematics was unable to find all solutions in the time allotted!!

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