A large number of children took the LAMDA exams at the end of June, when we had two external examiners visiting Terra Nova for the day.

Pupils took exams in Communication, Verse and Prose, Acting, Reading for Performance and Public Speaking. The results have been received over the holidays and are outstanding. There were 29 distinctions and 7 Merits with several children achieving over 90%. These results were well deserved as the children put in huge amounts of work leading up to the exam.

Special mention must go to Edward P, last year’s Head Boy, who achieved a Distinction in Grade 7 Verse and Prose and Grade 6 Acting; and Sol B-F who scored a massive 97% for his Grade 3 Public Speaking.

Edward had to perform a poem, a prose and a Sonnet in his Verse and Prose and two drama monologues in his Acting. He performed a piece from ‘The Two Gentleman of Verona’ by William Shakespeare and ‘’Little Victories’ by Shaun Prendagast . Sol spoke about his great love, ‘Manchester United’!

Participating in Speech and Drama helps with presentation skills, reading and confidence as well as teaching children about acting and drama. Children also find the lessons enhance their English as a wide range of texts are explored from different periods and genres.

The results are as follows:


Toby R

Bella C

George R

Edward D – 91%

Matisse D

Henry C

Hannah D

Rosie S

Sienna R

Ben L-J – 90%

Priya P

Raymond L

Isabella P – 94%

Keziah F-S

Charlie C

Edward P – 91%

Tilly C – 90%

Isabella B-B

Anastasia S

Zayd B – 94%

Eleanor M – 90%

Archie M

Sophia S

Phoebe D – 94%

Soloman B-F – 97%

Jemima G

Lily C – 90%

Toby D

Sophie L

Caspian C-L


Thomas B-B

Georgina I

Jirat N

Alex W

Cassian P

Bella B

Emily R

Congratulations to all! 

by Mrs Annabel Anderson, Speech & Drama teacher

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