Mr & Mrs Stewart, Terra Nova’s Headmaster and wife, Dr La Coste, Terra Nova’s school medical officer and her husband hosted an evening at Terra Nova to promote awareness of the charity Facing Africa. The evening began with a reception before a presentation about Facing Africa from Dr La Coste. The Terra Nova school community raised £15,000 for Facing Africa in the academic year 2015-6 through a variety of fund raising initiatives such as sponsored walks, cake sales, jewellery sales etc. Dr La Coste was asked by a pupil how she could be sure that the money raised for Facing Africa would definitely reach the people it was meant for. Resultantly in November 2017, Dr La Coste spent 2 weeks in Ethiopia supporting the work of Facing Africa. She took with her books, paper, pens, clothes, footballs, toys etc donated by Terra Nova pupils and in her presentation she repeatedly showed how much the children recovering from surgery benefited from the donations from Terra Nova’s pupils. It was a deeply inspiring and moving presentation and the Terra Nova community is very proud to have supported the amazing work of this charity in supporting the school’s medical officer, Dr Janie La Coste #internationalwomensday

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